VIDEO What life in the country of former citizens looks like: "I came to the conclusion that there is something more than work and career"

More and more Romanians are giving up their city life in order to move to the country. There they open agricultural businesses, many with the help of European funds and completely change their lifestyle. Although it is harder for them in the village, they say they would never return to the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Bogdan and Oana live in a mountain village in Bihor. They gave up their jobs that took them all over the world, bought a house with 14 hectares of land and moved to the country, with their two children, aged 5 and 8.

Bogdan – citizen moved to the country: When I lived in India, I had access to a spiritual leader, I was in a state of disarray, and I came to the conclusion that there is more to it than just work and a career.

6 of the 14 hectares of land are cultivated. Bogdan obtained a European financing of one million euros with which he cultivates hazelnuts and raspberries on 6 hectares of land. He also built a small cannery. At the same time, it works online.

Bogdan – citizen moved to the country: I still work with some good friends from Călărași, we try to develop the business there remotely, from here, I have a great team that helps me. For now, the business here is not self-sustainable and that is why we still need sources of income.

The children walk, one kilometer, to the local school, regardless of the weather.

Oana – citizen moved to the country: Somehow I think eternity was born here in the country. I think I can give them good roots, growing them that way.

Matthew: I like to stay here, to help Bogdan, to help him protect nature.

Nicu also moved to the same village in Bihor. He came from Arad and now does agriculture.

Nicu Toth – citizen moved to the country: We bought an old house with 3 hectares, we planted blueberries, currants, lavender, we planted fruit trees and animals, goats, to keep the land clean. This whole coast is called and sipot in Slovak, we are in the Slovak area.

Lașak Benedek – mayor of Șinteu commune: For Şinteu it means quite a lot, especially if they come and invest, it creates new jobs. There are quite a few people looking for land in the area and I hope there will be many who will come to the area and invest more.

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, over 116,000 Romanians migrated from cities to rural areas. At the same time from the small towns to the big cities it is much smaller. Sociologists say that the phenomenon is growing, especially because 60% of building permits in Romania are for rural areas.

“Would you move back to the city?”
Nicu Toth – a citizen moved to the country: I hope that’s not the case, we say it works, it’s worth it and it’s possible.

Statistics show that in the last two years, the number of Romanians who moved from urban to rural areas was higher than those who abandoned their villages to become townspeople. This year, 69% of building permits for residential buildings are given in rural areas.

Publisher: AP

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