The war in Ukraine, day 116. Ukraine feels it can win Russia / The battle for Severodonetsk is decisive / The governor of Lugansk: We are preparing for the worst / The Russians on the front are morally ill and have thoughts of desertion / Germany has changed its mind: returns to coal

The war in Ukraine, day 116. Ukraine feels it can win Russia / The battle for Severodonetsk is decisive / The governor of Lugansk: We are preparing for the worst / The Russians on the front are morally ill and have thoughts of desertion / Germany has changed its mind: returns to coal

UPDATE 15:30 Kyiv: Moscow is trying to make Kharkiv a first-rate city

“Russia is trying to make Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine, a leading city,” said Vadim Denisenko, an adviser to the interior minister, taken over by the BBC on national television.

UPDATE 15:00 Germany: We will use more coal to reduce gas consumption

Germany will take urgent measures to ensure its energy stability in the face of recent declines in Russian gas supplies, especially with the increased use of coal. “In order to reduce gas consumption, we need to use less gas to generate electricity. Instead, coal-fired power plants will have to be used more, “the economy ministry said in a statement. The government is reacting to this week’s announcements of numerous gas cuts by Gazprom via Nord Stream amid a confrontation between Western countries and Russia in the context of the war in Ukraine. This decision is a reversal of the position of the German governing coalition, which includes the Greens, which has promised to phase out coal by 2030. “It is a bitter choice, but it is essential to reduce gas consumption,” Ecologist Minister Robert Habeck said in a press release.

UPDATE 14:30 Pope: “Let’s not forget the tortured people”

“Let us not forget the suffering Ukrainian people at this time, a suffering people. I would like to ask you all a question: what am I doing today for the Ukrainian people? Let each one answer in his own heart “, said Pope Francis today.

UPDATE 13:00 Moscow: Kaliningrad railway blockade violates international law

Moscow has reacted harshly to Lithuania’s restrictions on rail freight traffic between the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and the rest of Russia. Kaliningrad’s “incipient blockade” violates international law, Konstantin Kosachev, vice president of the Russian Federation’s upper house of parliament, wrote in a Telegram post.

“As an EU member state, Lithuania is violating a number of legally binding international acts,” he said, referring to the EU-Russia partnership agreement, which bans intervention in their respective transport networks. A prominent figure in Russia’s foreign policy, Kosachev intervened after Lithuania banned the transit of goods subject to European rail sanctions on its territory on Saturday, to an extent that affects traffic to the Baltic enclave between Poland and Lithuania.

According to Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alikhanov, 40-50% of the transit of goods is thus affected, especially with regard to metals and construction materials.

UPDATE 12:30 1,400 anti-aircraft and 6,500 anti-tank systems come from Kyiv, US MP

The United States transfers more than 1,400 Stinger AA missile systems and 6,500 portable Javelin anti-tank systems to Ukraine. The leader of the Ukrainian political party Golos, Kira Rudik, said on Twitter, after the Washington State Department announced this week a $ 1 billion aid for Kyiv. “The list includes anti-armor systems, Switchblade drones, howitzers, Mi-17 helicopters, Harpoon systems,” Rudik added.

UPDATE 11:30 Kyiv: new attacks on Severodonetsk, Russians on Metolkine

The Ukrainian army said the besieged city of Severodonetsk was again confronted with heavy artillery and rocket fire, while Russian forces were attacking the surrounding areas. The army’s staff report, The Guardian reports, acknowledged that forces had retreated to the Metolkine settlement just southeast of Severodonetsk, while fighting for the industrial city of Severodonetsk continued in eastern Ukraine.

“Following the artillery fire and an assault, the enemy was partially successful in the village of Metolkine, trying to establish a foothold,” he said in a Facebook post.

Sergei Gaidai, the Ukrainian-appointed Luhansk governor, spoke in another online post about the “heavy battles” in Metolkine.

UPDATE 11:00 Lugansk Governor: We are preparing for the worst

Sergiy Gaiday, governor of Lugansk, eastern Ukraine, the scene of heavy fighting with Russia, said the current situation was “difficult in Lysychansk and the region as a whole” because the Russians were “bombing”. our troops 24 hours a day. There is an expression: “prepare for the worst and the best will come naturally. We must prepare.”

From Lysychansk, Ukrainian artillery fired on Severodonetsk, where smoke from the Nitrogen factory rose, and Russian troops fired bullets and missiles. Gaiday called for supplies of “long-range weapons to arrive as soon as possible.” “The fact that the West is helping us is good, but it is (too) late.”

UPDATE 9:40 NATO warns of a long war in Ukraine

UPDATE 8:00 Ukraine will release Donbass on one condition. According to the NATO Secretary General, the Ukrainian armed forces need Western weapons to liberate the eastern part of the country from the Russian occupiers.

UPDATE 7:30 The Russians continue to bombard Severodonetsk, Kharkov and Bakhmut. The Ukrainian army repulsed an assault near Toshkivka, Luhansk region, as well as in Orekhovo-Zolote and Pervomaisk-Zolote.

UPDATE 04:00 The war in Ukraine will not end soon

“We must prepare for a protracted war because Putin has embarked on a military demolition campaign,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

UPDATE 03:45

Russia’s war in Ukraine could last for years, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a German weekly, adding that the supply of state-of-the-art weapons to Ukrainian troops will increase the chance of releasing the Donbas region from Russian control.

“We have to prepare for the fact that it could take years. We must not give up supporting Ukraine,” Stoltenberg told Bild am Sonntag. “Even if the costs are high, not only for military support, but also because of rising energy and food prices.”

UPDATE 00:20 Humanitarian crises in the world will escalate if Ukraine is defeated, says Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba

Summary of the day

  • Several Russian missiles hit a gas plant in the Izium district of Kharkov
  • Five Ukrainian civilians were returned in a prisoner exchange
  • Britain will support Ukraine in the long run, says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses the West of colonial arrogance and threatens repercussions for sanctions
  • US plans to sell military drones to Ukraine have fallen into Russian hands

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