The Russians want full control over Severodonetsk.  Boris Johnson: Ukraine's allies must firmly support Kiev

New attacks by Russian forces took place in Ukraine, a large-scale explosion at the Azot plant in Severodonetsk, considered the hottest spot at the moment on the map of the war, which has reached its 116th day. As in Mariupol, hundreds of civilians from Severodonetsk took refuge with bombs in the largest factory in the city, which is mostly under Russian control. The governor of the Lugansk region also says Russia will send a large number of troops to Severodonetsk from other battlefields to try to gain full control of the eastern city on the front line.

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Boris Johnson urges Ukraine’s allies to support it firmly and for a long time

UPDATE 7.54 Ukraine’s allies must support Kiev firmly and for a long time if they do not want to see “aggression” prevailing in Europe as has not happened since World War II, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quoted as saying by AFP on Saturday.

Countries supporting Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion must remain calm and ensure that Kiev has “strategic resilience to survive and ultimately win,” he wrote in an opinion piece published by Sunday Times, notes Agerpres.

Boris Johnson paid a surprise visit to the Ukrainian capital on Friday, a day after the French, German, Italian and Romanian leaders who offered their support for Kiev’s candidacy for the European Union.

In Kyiv, the British prime minister offered Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the increase in British military aid to help troops fight Russian forces.

“Time is a crucial factor today,” Boris Johnson said in a lengthy opinion piece posted on the newspaper’s website on Saturday night.

“It will all depend on how Ukraine can strengthen its ability to defend its territory faster than Russia can renew its ability to attack. Our task is to give the Ukrainian side time,” he said.

To this end, he presented a four-point plan for “ongoing funding and technical assistance” to Kiev, which he said should be maintained “in the coming years” and possibly extended.

Boris Johnson has already warned that the conflict could last until the end of next year, while Ukrainian officials continue to call on NATO for more military and logistical support.

Russia is mobilizing troops from other regions to Severodonetsk

UPDATE 6.50 A large explosion was announced by the Ukrainian press at the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk. That’s the hottest spot on the war map right now. As in Mariupol, hundreds of civilians took refuge in Russian bombs at the largest plant in Severodonetsk.

Russia is sending a large number of troops to Severodonetsk from other battlefields to try to gain full control of the eastern city on the front line, the governor of the Lugansk region said on Saturday, Agerpres reports Reuters.

“Today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, they will throw all the reserve troops they have in battle … Because there are already so many, they have reached a critical mass,” Lugansk Governor Serhii Haidai told national television.

He also said that Russian forces control most, but not all, of the city of Severodonetsk.

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