The Holy Apostle Judas Thaddeus, a relative of the Lord, is celebrated on June 19.  He is also called the "protector of the hopeless."

The Holy Apostle Judas Thaddeus was born in Nazareth of Galilee, the son of Joseph, the fiancé of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Salome – the daughter of Haggai, the son of Varahiah and the brother of Zechariah (the father of St. John the Baptist). The brothers of St. Jude Thaddeus are mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew: Jacob, Josiah and Simon.

Although he could be called the brother of Christ with the same justification as James, the saint did not, writes The Holy Apostle Judas Thaddeus calls himself the Judas of Jacob – that is, the brother of Jacob who is called the brother of the Lord – because for humility he alone became unworthy to be called the brother of the Lord after the flesh, since at first he erred in ignorance of He, on the one hand, for unbelief, and, on the other, for brotherly disobedience

The Bridegroom of Cana of Galilee

Judas Thaddeus was the bridegroom of Cana of Galilee, at whose wedding Christ performed the miracle of changing the water into wine, the very close degree of kinship explaining the presence of Christ the Savior at this wedding.

The holy apostle Judas Thaddeus had a great zeal for Christ and wanted everyone to know Christ, the true God, to believe in him, to love him, and to earn his salvation.

In all likelihood, the saint spoke both Greek and Aramaic, as was the custom of his contemporaries.
St. Thaddeus preached the gospel in Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Syria, Arabia, and reached Mesopotamia, where St. Jude Thaddeus arrived around the year 37 and led the Church founded by St. Thomas the Apostle until the year 52.

King Ananun ordered the killing of St. Thaddeus

In the year 45, to preach the gospel of Christ, the Holy Apostle Thaddeus traveled through Armenia; many inhabitants of this region have been converted to the faith in Christ, and many Christian communities have been secretly established.

According to Eusebius of Caesarea, the saint returned to Jerusalem in 62 and attended the election of his brother, St. Simeon, bishop of Jerusalem.

Around the year 66, King Ananun ordered the killing of St. Thaddeus in Edessa. Thus, the saint was caught by unbelievers, who crucified him and killed him with arrows, along with him was martyred the Holy Apostle Simon the Zealot.

King Ananun’s daughter, Sandokht, who had already been converted to Christ, was killed along with St. Thaddeus; the tomb of the holy martyr is located near Ghara Kilise.

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