Russian anti-diplomacy, the need for dialogue and the Hague Tribunal

The main goal of Russian diplomacy seems to be that we should always be afraid. Fear of upsetting the Russians, fear of irritating them, fear of attacking us, of attacking us, fear of making any legitimate request, fear of doing something that would cause them to take us japca another region. The Russian political style is that of an aggressor who comes upon you in the apartment, and if you revolt, he will tell you that you have no manners and that he feels threatened, that you are not calm (you are hysterical) and that he cannot get along with you. . In the end, he will make you a Russian “concession” and tell you that he will let you stay in a bedroom, but the living room, the kitchen and the halls are his. And if you have something to object to, he will tell you that he agrees to pay his rent for the bedroom and that’s it, you can clap your hands and live in peace.

I also wrote about current Kremlin diplomacy. Although we now know what to expect when a reaction from Moscow comes, it is hard not to be surprised almost every time by the diversity of aggressive and offensive reactions. Given that we are on guard – Anne Applebaum wrote that Russian diplomats are especially trained to have such reactions that annoy Western journalists or their counterparts, generally to defy common sense, so it is a conscious strategy and carefully chosen.

This means that whenever we are amazed by the at least rude remarks of Russian officials, we are practically exactly in the situation that they themselves are pursuing, namely to put their foot in the door, to leave us speechless, to be upset, to we forget our own diplomatic strategy and only the threats, the ironies and the nonsense they utter sound like an echo in our minds.

The only predictable thing about them is that they are always aggressive and have a special talent or training to be creative in violence, in idleness, in handling threats. Even so, the main challenge remains to live with a neighbor who is always on the map and ready to fight, a neighbor who over time is peaceful and reasonable only when you are stronger, but becomes even more aggressive. when he feels like he’s going through a worse time.

The solution seems to be to strengthen yourself, to develop yourself with defense and counterattack techniques. This is the only language, the only behavior that can ensure your peace and independence. But the idea is to always stay strong. And make reliable allies you can trust.

The above descriptions show a long-practiced pattern, let us not forget that we have a diplomatic strategy to deal with. Even in conditions such as those that exist today, with Russian leaders ridicule, lie, insult and threaten on a daily basis, there is still a need for a path of dialogue, despite the fact that at the moment it is not in sight. However, when the Russians also understand or have to become reasonable, not to repeat over and over again that invasion is in fact a defense and that war is a special mission, then diplomatic tact, a great sense of reality will be needed. responsibility.

At the same time, the International Criminal Court will have to identify and punish crimes committed by the Russian army in too many localities in Ukraine. Attacks on civilians, rapes, robberies, murders, atrocities and mass graves – all will have to be tried by the Hague Tribunal. War is war, whatever the special military operation, but the atrocities, rapes and crimes of the Russian army must be brought to justice.
Some things really can’t be negotiated.

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