Ireland: Britain vandalizes Northern Ireland by unilaterally changing Brexit agreement

The British government’s plans to unilaterally eliminate parts of the post-Brexit trade agreement agreed with the European Union would be “economic vandalism”, Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin told the BBC.

Martin says such a decision by the British government would hit the economy of Northern Ireland, a region of the Kingdom which, under the Brexit agreement signed with the European Union, still keeps the economic border open with Ireland.

The Irish Prime Minister said that the legislation that the London government is considering is “unacceptable” and represents “the worst kind of unilateralism”.

“We fully accept that there are legitimate issues with the operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, but we believe that through sustained negotiations between the EU and the Kingdom, these issues can be resolved,” he said.

Martin also said that parts of the bill, as discussed by Britain, could be extremely damaging to the Northern Irish economy.

“It is deeply worrying for the industrial and business sector in Northern Ireland and is essentially a form of economic vandalism in Northern Ireland,” Martin added.

One of the MPs for the pro-British Northern Ireland DUP party, Sammy Wilson, says the Irish prime minister does not want to acknowledge “protocol flaws”.

“From day one, Dublin has done what is in its best interests and has never made it a priority to have a consensus in Northern Ireland.

No unionist parliamentarians support this protocol, and instead of acknowledging our objections and trying to understand them, Dublin is giving us lessons, speaking to us from above and imperatively asking us to change our minds, ”Wilson said.

The Northern Ireland Protocol is the apple of discord between the European Union and the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been threatening for months to change key elements of the Northern Ireland Protocol, the largest EU-UK tension generator so far more than a year after the Kingdom left the European Union.

The British government claims that the implementation of the protocol has affected internal trade in the United Kingdom and threatens the political stability of Northern Ireland.

The legislation proposed by the British is meant to simplify the rules but has brought harsh criticism from the EU and the US, which see it as provocative.

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