HOROSCOPE Sunday, June 19 - The weekend continues on a negative note for these signs.  Nothing goes as planned


Apparently, a difficult day is announced again in relation to friends. You may not be able to keep up with your friends today because of financial problems, or you may not have experienced the disappointment they caused you at a time when you needed their help. Try to see if you can talk to them today about how you feel and how you think the situation can be remedied.


It seems that the tensions with that person in the family will continue today. You have different expectations from each other, or you may not receive the validation you expect in connection with certain personal initiatives. It would help if you left some discussions for another time or if you didn’t depend so much on external legitimacy. In this way, the tense atmosphere between you and your loved ones will disappear.

Your mood doesn’t seem to have improved since yesterday. Your mood may continue to suffer if you give in to negative thoughts. Therefore, it is very important to surround yourself with positive people, not to be negatively influenced by energies that do not suit you in contexts like this. On the other hand, it is up to you to look at the full side of the glass, to have an optimistic perspective on certain things.

You continue to have some more or less well-founded fears about how a friendship, a project, or even a relationship with your life partner will evolve. You may not have discussed your fears with others yet, so it would be a good idea to address this issue today. Approach them calmly, and you may find that they are more receptive than you thought.

You may still have contradictory discussions today with your partner about how you or he or she recently behaved at a social event in your community. Or maybe it still bothers you with the way you approach your career in relation to your love life. So you have to work hard to come up with a common denominator with your loved one. Try to see what can be done to restore balance in the relationship.


Your energy level may still be a bit low today. So, if you didn’t give up some social commitment to rest yesterday, maybe you should do something about it now. Otherwise, you will start next week with a rather big disadvantage, in the sense that it will be difficult for you to concentrate and get to work. Try to put yourself first.

Pride seems to be overstated even today as a couple and / or in relation to children, which is why there is a risk of reaching tensions (and) today. For this reason, you need to be very careful how the discussions between you evolve, in what direction they are going. You could avoid a conflict in the true sense of the word if you managed to avoid those topics that you know could produce fiction between you and your loved ones.


The same domestic, domestic or housing issue could cause tension between you and your life partner today. Or maybe there are other reasons for the tension between you and your loved one, which are more or less related to the same areas of life. Try to see what can be done to communicate effectively on these topics, without the spirits getting too hot and reaching high tensions.

If you work today, you may have difficulty communicating with your co-workers, just like you did yesterday. The same warning is given to the natives who have a project or a task that they take care of together with their loved ones. You seem to have different ideas about what you want to accomplish, and for that reason, the results are long overdue. Be honest about your desires.

From a financial point of view, you may still face some shortcomings or the tendency to spend more than necessary. So, yesterday’s warning is maintained, that you must not let yourself be carried away by the wave if you have to buy a gift or you are thinking of indulging yourself. The time will come when you can skip the shopping list without too much worry.

Tensions over a family member could continue today. It is simply difficult for you to avoid those topics that reveal big differences in vision and behavior between you and them, and because of this, you risk repeating yesterday’s story. Or maybe the frustrations you managed to control yesterday are coming to light. Try not to get there.


The bad news could continue today, so you need more self-control than yesterday. It is not advisable to make decisions based on them, but to wait to see if things are as they seem at first glance. You may find that the problem is not so great if you are patient today. The universe might half solve it for you.

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