Germany will use "more" coal-fired power plants to offset Russia's gas cuts

Germany will take emergency measures to secure supplies in the face of recent cuts in Russian gas supplies, including increased coal use, the Berlin government said on Sunday. The use of gas for energy production and industry will be reduced, and the filling of storage facilities will be a priority in the winter, informs the EFE and AFP agencies.

“In order to reduce gas consumption, less gas must be used to generate electricity. Instead, coal-fired power plants will have to be used more, “the German economy ministry said in a statement, quoted by AFP and taken over by Agerpres.

To this end, the network of coal-fired power plants that are part of the electricity reserve will be refurbished so that it can be activated “in the short term”, which, according to the Minister of Economy and Energy, Robert Habeck, will happen as soon as the law. will pass the parliamentary procedure, EFE also reports.

“We have to be honest, this means more coal-fired power plants for a transition period. It is bitter, but in this situation it is necessary to reduce gas consumption, “said the minister, an environmentalist member of the center-left coalition government in Germany.

At the beginning of the current legislature, the coalition government of the Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals aimed to speed up the timetable for the planned disposal of coal by 2038, but anticipated as early as May that it might be necessary to extend the crisis. energetic.

New loans from the state bank KfW should also be reserved to ensure that the country’s current gas reserves, which are currently at 56%, are filled. According to the new rules adopted after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, German deposits must be 65% full by 1 August, 80% by 1 October and 90% by 1 December.

Gazprom has reduced deliveries via Nord Stream 1 in the Baltic Sea by 60% in recent days, citing a technical issue. The Russian state-owned energy company has officially justified this by the fact that there have been delays in the repair of compressor turbines by Siemens Energy, DPA reports.

Despite the war in Ukraine, Germany continues to import almost 35% of its gas from Russia. That was 55 percent before February, when Russia invaded Ukraine, according to AFP.

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