Elena Udrea demands payment.  When the cassation appeal is tried

Elena Udrea is expected in front of the Panel of 5 judges of the HCCJ who will debate the appeal in cassation, an extraordinary way of appeal, through which the former minister tries to get rid of the 6-year sentence in the “Gala Bute” case.

“Who is afraid of the re-trial of the Bute Gala? I read the motivation of the hallucinatory Decision of the HCCJ by which ONLY ME, of all similar cases, denied my right to be legally re-tried in the Gala Bute case, and I am amazed by the arguments that the 4 judges bring to reject my appeal for annulment. If this motivation had been made by the judges of the smallest court in the country, maybe someone would have found an excuse. But it is assumed by judges from the highest court in Romania, the High Court of Cassation and Justice, and even by some judges that I consider among the professionals! ”, Elena Udrea wrote on Sunday evening.

She wrote two examples of the reasoning on Facebook: “The 4 considered that 6 years is not enough to retake the appeal in the Bute Gala, thus invoking the limitation risk referred to in the CJEU decision of December 2021. The initial appeal was tried in Eight months!!! The whole process lasted 3 years, including the criminal investigation. How do you say it won’t take you 6 years to retaliate? Then, the time required for the trial is in the hands of the judges, they can decide how quickly a case is being tried and could retrial an appeal in 6 months and 3 months. 2) They said that there was a risk that after so long the witnesses would not remember the facts! Well, the law provides for a 15-year statute of limitations, even a 20-year statute of limitations for abuse of office! This means that the law takes into account that a trial can take so long without any problems with the administration of evidence. The theory of judges is good to be taught to those who want the prescription not to exist, eventually! But it does not work in the context of the existing law and there was no argument to stop these judges from reopening all other cases that are now being re-tried. Rather, I believe that their fear is that, no longer being threatened with arrest today, the three whistleblowers in the case, Nastasia, Lungu, Topoliceanu, could withdraw their false allegations “, Udrea also writes on Facebook.

Udrea is convinced that all the motivation can be summarized by the fact that he does not want the application of the law in his case, because, if he is tried again, he could escape punishment.

“Yes it is! If the Gala Bute case is re-judged by independent judges, the only possible solution is MY PAYMENT! Remember, this is the case in which the only evidence in my accusation is the statements of the 3 whistleblowers, who were released as a result of these false statements! This did not matter to the judges of the “parallel system”, Florentina Dragomir or Ionuţ Matei, who, with their hands in the panels that tried me, executed the order of my conviction, against any evidence in the case. I had the courage to come to Romania 3 years ago voluntarily, to submit to the retrial of the Gala Bute case, believing that justice had become fair and independent after Decision no. 685/2018 of the CCR and that I will have the law and justice this time! The abuse done against me now is even greater than what Florentina Dragomir and Ionuţ Matei did, who at least pretended to judge me for 3 years. Now I am clearly told “we do not want to apply the law to you, in your case we do not want to respect the law, the decision of the RCC, nor the decision of the CJEU, we do not want to respect anything”. Someone who can no longer give orders to judges today as he did in the past, because the “parallel justice system” no longer exists, has devised a well-crafted plan to manipulate judges and intoxicate them to change their minds. on the morning of April 7 and dismiss my annulment appeal. Someone who is desperate not to have the Bute Gala re-tried so that I can remain illegally convicted! ”, Udrea added.

Elena Udrea arrived in Romania on Thursday, June 16, a few days after the Bulgarian authorities decided to extradite her.

Elena Udrea was in the custody of the Bulgarian authorities, after the former minister was caught on April 7, on the border between Bulgaria and Greece. Udrea left Romania the day she was convicted in the “Gala Bute” case.

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