COMMENT Sorin Avram: The wonderful world of state employees and looking out the window waiting for retirement

For years there has been a brawl in the places of admission to the schools of police and gendarmes, many of the young people knowing that it is profitable to be a hopeful member of the rule of law, lying down, jumping forward, standing up, at rest! The rule of law gives you a uniform, ensures a decent income, gives you a certain social status and after a few years of good life, not many, gives you the status of a pensioner and a pension that many civilians can not even dream of.

The bureaucratic state is also among the preferences of Romanians, regardless of age. Obviously, not the Romanians who work in the private sector and complain about excessive bureaucracy, but those who are part of the system and those who want to enjoy this status as well. According to businessman Liliana Agheorghicesei, president of the Federation of Business Women in the North-East region and a member of the leadership of the National Council of SMEs in Romania, many employees in the private sector are thinking about how they could end up working for the state: “Ask any employee in the private sector if his desire is not to become an employee of the state. Why? Well, he works a third of the time he has available and is paid three times better than in the private sector. It also has job security. ”

In a dialogue I had with Mrs. Agheorghicesei, she also said that the migration of labor to the budget sector will create big problems for private companies, which still find it difficult to find people, and will cause economic turmoil: “This will destabilize Romania’s economic balance quite a bit and we will end up in chaos, because sooner or later business people will try to restrict their activity more and more, so as not to have losses. With losses you can’t do like the Government, keep borrowing and have nowhere to go. We, as economic agents, cannot borrow and have nowhere to return the money to the bank. So what do you do? Reduce your expenses. ”

With an extremely inflated budget sector, the Romanian state, in addition to having to borrow all the time, also sends armies of inspectors to the heads of companies to look for a knot in the rush, so that they can return to the office as soon as possible. missing sheets from the fine receipt, which translates into funds brought to the state budget in the state. Lilian Agheorghicesei says: “All the time we will go to bring money to the state budget through extremely abusive coercive controls, some of them, and we cannot continue if we do not have a quiet environment to do our daily work.”

The upset of the business environment is not those who work in the state and do not even have time to drink tea and work at home, as Liliana Agheorghicesei says, but those who overcrowd the offices and do nothing. These are the “piles” of officials in positions of leadership and politicians, who drain public budgets and make them envious and leave private employees reluctant to work, looking for loopholes through which to enter and they in the wonderful world of state employees and looked out the window waiting for retirement.

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