After Amazon and Starbucks, the first internal union was born in an Apple store in the USA

Employees at Apple’s Towson suburb of Baltimore, Maryland, have approved the formation of an internal workers’ organization. It’s a premiere for the tech giant.

Of the 110 employees of the branch, 65 voted in favor and 33 opposed. These add to the phenomenon in the US retail, service and technology sectors, which aim for greater protection in the workplace.

The vote was promoted by a group of employees called AppleCORE (Coalition of Apple Retail Employees), which asks to decide on salaries, hours and security measures. “I did, Towson. I won “, people exult on Twitter.

Human Resources Director Deirdre O’Brien visited the store in May to address employees. “It’s your right to join a union, but it’s also your right not to join,” he said. And he explained that the presence of an intermediary could complicate the relationship between the company and the employees.

The union in an Apple store follows one in April from an Amazon office in New York, where another group tried to thwart the workers’ efforts to organize. The same thing happened in December at a Starbucks cafe.

Therefore, a new trend toward unionization is being confirmed in the United States, thanks in part to the explicit support of Joe Biden. A phenomenon recorded in retail stores, restaurants and technology companies, from the Rei outdoor product chain to the video game manufacturer Ravem Software.

Workers are coming together to demand higher wages, more benefits and to be consulted when anti-Covid measures are taken.

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