A heat wave is coming over Romania.  The "dome of fire" is already making life unbearable for people in Western Europe and the United States

A heat wave will hit next week Romania, Greece and Bulgaria warn meteorologists. Excessive heat has affected several western countries in recent days, including Spain, France and the United States. The UN has warned that sthis will be the next big problem facing all mankind.

Hellfest 2022 organizers in France find ways to cool participants Photo: Profimedia Images

Hellfest 2022 organizers in France find ways to cool participants Photo: Profimedia Images
Hellfest rock festival participants protect themselves from the “hell” of the heat Photo: Profimedia Images
Organizers cool participants at Hellfest in Clisson, France Photo: Profimedia Images
The first day of the Hellfest 2022 festival in Clisson, France, took place in extreme temperatures Photo: Profimedia Images
Temperature recorded on Friday, June 17, 2022, in Montpellier, France Photo: Profimedia Images
The heat wave is affecting farmers in the south of France Photo: Profimedia Images
Trocadero fountains at the Eiffel Tower find other utility than aesthetics Photo: Profimedia Images
Heatwave at Issy les moulineaux ,, in France Photo: Profimedia Images
Heatwave in Marseille Photo: Profimedia Images
Spanish fires devastate thousands of hectares Photo: Profimedia Images
Firefighters fight wildfires in Zamora area in northern Spain Photo: Profimedia Images
Spain is battling a wave of extreme temperatures that have fueled wildfires Photo: Profimedia Images
A week of heatwave in Spain, including Madrid Photo: Profimedia Images
Gothic walls of Barcelona’s cathedral, a refuge in the heat of the day Photo: Profimedia Images
Heatwave in Barcelona Photo: Profimedia Images
Heatwave affects animals on a farm near Frankfurt, Germany Photo: Profimedia Images
Berlin firefighters are tasked with cooling the streets Photo: Profimedia Images
Heatwave in Germany. Cooling in the North Sea Photo: Profimedia Images
Heatwave in Germany. In the eastern part of Brandenburg it was 35 degrees Photo: Profimedia Images
Heatwave in Amsterdam Photo: Profimedia Images
People in Amsterdam cool off and sunbathe on pontoons Photo: Profimedia Images
Everyone gets as cool as they can in Schveningen, the Netherlands, where unusually high temperatures are recorded Photo: Profimedia Images
Scheveningen Dutch face tropical temperatures as low as 35 degrees Photo: Profimedia Images
Heatwave in Brussels, the city where it usually rains a lot Photo: Profimedia Images
New Yorkers take refuge in the warmth of Central Park Photo: Profimedia Images
An extreme heat wave makes its presence felt in Texas Photo: Profimedia Images
Dry river in Turin Photo: Profimedia Images

The heat wave is reaching Romania

“It is possible that from next week we will record in Romania the first days with temperatures that reach and exceed 35 degrees, which means that we will have a heat wave. Temperatures will exceed 35 degrees starting from the western part of the country, so in the Romanian Plain, after which in the southern areas it is possible that towards the end of the week, until June 27, we will record values ​​of up to 37-38 degrees Celsius. If it is required, for certain areas, depending on the achievement of climate records, we consider the issuance – and we must never rule out this possibility – of codes for heatwave, “Elena Mateescu, director of ANM, told Digi24 on Saturday.

Nightmare summer for the Spaniards

It’s already a nightmare for Spaniards. They have a part since June of large-scale fires, wreaking havoc in several regions, from the north, center and south. Tens of thousands of hectares of vegetation turned to ashes in a few days, and the 43 degrees Celsius recorded also contributed to this. Thousands have been evacuated and hundreds of firefighters are trying to stop the flames.

The culprit is a wave of warm air coming from North Africa.

It’s too hot for this time of year cthe anicula colored the map of Western Europe in orange and red. Outside of Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Belgium are also experiencing unusually high temperatures. In the United Kingdom, for example, the health service is preparing for an increase in the number of patients.

Code red heatwave in France

The French are also suffering from the heat. It is the earliest heatwave in history in the Hexagon, with temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius and dozens of departments placed under code orange. In other regions, even the red code was instituted, which meant the cancellation of several sporting and cultural events.

“It’s incredibly hot, it’s very important to stay in the shade, but we walked around Paris all morning, so we drank a lot of water,” says one tourist.

“It’s much too hot … I came from Argentina, where it’s winter and cold now – it’s beautiful here, but still very hot,” says another tourist.

Unusual temperatures in the UK and Belgium

Across the English Channel, the British are also facing unusually high temperatures. Friday was the hottest day of the year in the kingdom for the third day in a row. It was over 32 degrees Celsius in some areas.

“I mean, it’s crazy, you can never be sure in this country. 30 degrees Celsius today, 15 degrees next week. Yes, it’s crazy how things are going, “says one woman.

“It makes you think about climate change, because it’s not normal for Britain,” said a young woman sitting in the sun on a sun lounger.

“Something needs to change, we need to take action on climate change before it’s too late, it’s worrying for all of us,” said another young man.

The culprit for the heat wave in the Kingdom is a wave of warm air coming from the southwest.

The heat wave is also causing problems in Belgium, where temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius have led to the establishment of the orange code in several regions, and in Berlin, Germany, firefighters were taken out to cool the city’s streets with water jets.

The “dome of fire” envelops the American states

More than 25 million people in more than 12 US states were on heat alert on Saturday. The new heat wave comes after the same regions were affected by record temperatures last week.

Temperatures will be 10 to 13 degrees Celsius above normal, with tens of thousands of people unable to use fans or air conditioning because they have run out of electricity due to violent storms that occurred earlier this week, after the first heat wave.

In all, more than 240 million people, or three-quarters of the population of 48 states, will face temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius in the next seven days. The dome of heat that is currently making its presence felt in the northern plains of the country will move to the east, then to the center and south, where large variations and temperature records are expected. In St. Louis, for example, is forecast for a high of 37 degrees on Tuesday. In Chicago, where only 21 degrees were forecast on Saturday, it would be 35 degrees on Monday.

Heat is the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the United States.

Drought, the next “pandemic”

Farmers in Italy have warned that harvests will be affected, as the water level in the Po River has dropped by almost three-quarters compared to seasonal averages.

Drought could become the next big problem facing mankind. The warning comes from the UN, which calls for urgent action on water and land management. “There is no vaccine to cure this pandemic.”, said one of the United Nations officials.

The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), Ibrahim Thiaw, said at a conference in Madrid that half the world’s population would face a severe water shortage in the next eight years. “There is no place on earth to hide … No country, poor or rich, is safe,” he warned.

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