The war in Ukraine, day 115. The Azovstal scenario is repeated: more than 500 Ukrainian civilians are trapped inside a chemical plant in Sievierodonetsk

UPDATE 10:00 Russian missiles in the Odessa region of Crimea

During the night, the Odessa region was attacked by the Russian army with cruise missiles. The missiles were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses, as reported by UNIAN’s Southern Operational Command in Kyiv, quoted by UNIAN. “Two Onyx rockets fired from the coastal complex on the occupied Crimean territory were destroyed in the air by the air defense unit,” the command’s note reads.

UPDATE 09:10 Ukraine: missiles fired at the oil refinery southeast of Kyiv

Hit by Russian missiles during the night, the Kremenciuk oil refinery in southeastern Kiev was damaged. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “Kremenciuk is under attack again. 6-8 Russian missiles have hit the refinery and other infrastructure,” Lunin said, urging people to stay in shelters.

UPDATE 08:20 Ian Bremmer, founder of Eurasia Group: “Putin is talking like Castro now, but Russia is on its knees”

UPDATE 05:00 Norway imposes new sanctions on Russia

Norway imposes new sanctions on Russia and Putin supporters. They are aimed at limiting Russia’s ability to finance the war against Ukraine.

In particular, the ban involves stopping imports of crude oil and other petroleum products from Russia.

“We support the EU with sanctions against Russia in order to keep up the pressure on the country’s authorities and its elite. We are now banning the import of oil transported by sea from Russia to Norway,” Foreign Minister Anniken Heutfeldt said.

UPDATE 04:00 The anti-aircraft alarm goes off

The danger of bombing is imminent.

UPDATE 03:00 Ukraine will receive German weapons

“We will provide an anti-missile system that can save Odessa or Kiev. We have also decided together with the United Kingdom and the United States that we will provide more missile launch systems, “said Scholz.

UPDATE 02:00 Volodymyr Zelenski thanks Mark Rutte for his support of the Netherlands in granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership

“A full and productive day ended with a conversation with Mark Rutte. We thank Ukraine for its support for its status as a candidate for EU membership,” he said.

UPDATE 01:30 Anti-aircraft alarm in eastern Ukraine. Russian missiles hit civilian targets

Nobel Peace Prize winner Dmitry Muratov has decided to bid for his medal at the prestigious event. The proceeds will be donated to Ukrainian refugees.

UPDATE 00:30 The European Commission considers that Ukraine still has a long way to go before joining the EU bloc

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: There is still a lot to do. For example, in the sphere of the rule of law. Ukraine has already gone a long way in creating the institutions needed for the efficient functioning of the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office. Emphasis should now be placed on speeding up the process of selecting judges for the Constitutional Court, as well as members of the Supreme Council of Justice.

Summary of the day

  • Ukrainian artillery strikes Russian tugboat with two Harpoon missiles in Black Sea
  • The Kremlin has stated that the purpose of its “special military operation” in Ukraine remains to protect the people of the eastern Donbas region.
  • During a visit to Kyiv with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered to launch a military training program for Ukrainian troops
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses the West of colonial arrogance over sanctions

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