Some migrants in the UK will wear electronic tracking devices

A 12-month probationary period will apply to adults to be deported from the United Kingdom.

The pilot project comes days after the first flight to seek asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda was canceled following a last-minute intervention by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The first to be tagged will probably be the people who successfully challenged their removal from that plane.

The Interior Ministry said the test, which began on Thursday in England and Wales, would determine whether monitoring would help maintain regular contact with asylum seekers and make their progress progress effectively. Data will also be collected on the number of people evading bail for immigrants.

Even though the process has begun, it is not clear whether any migrants have already been placed under electronic monitoring.

People who do not comply with the conditions could be placed in detention or prosecuted.

Home Office guidance states that people who are informed that they are about to be removed from the UK may be at greater risk of absconding and are less likely to comply with the conditions for bail.

The guide also states that the measure will not include children or pregnant women.

Cases must also consider whether the device could seriously harm the person’s mental or physical health or whether he or she has been the victim of torture or modern-day slavery.

However, the guide states that these factors do not automatically prevent the device from being installed.

“This is a very, very generous and welcoming country … but when people come here illegally, when they break the law, it’s important to make that distinction. That is what we are doing with our Rwandan policy. That is what we are doing to make sure that asylum seekers cannot simply disappear in the rest of the country, “said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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