Maia Sandu opened the joint sitting of the Parliaments of Romania and Moldova

“Throughout our existence, history has put us to the test. Many of them have been in the process of developing and achieving our aspirations for peace and prosperity and have hindered the evolution of the Republic of Moldova. The most recent of these is this cruel and unjust war on our eastern border, which has amplified many of the systemic problems of the Republic of Moldova, “said Maia Sandu, at the opening of the sitting of the two parliaments.

Maia Sandu said that despite the difficulties, Moldovans have gathered around values ​​such as life, freedom, democracy and respect for humanity.

“In the last 30 years we have tried to find our natural path. Romania decided earlier to choose the path of European integration and managed a successful path that is also a model for us “, said the President of the Republic of Moldova.

Maia Sandu said that although the relations between the Republic of Moldova and Romania have experienced ups and downs, “Romania has always been close to us on this path and we thank the Romanian citizens for all the support and help offered in these 3 decades. (…) Romania has always extended a helping hand to the people of the Republic of Moldova: whether they offered us diesel for farmers affected by drought or sent teams of doctors to support their colleagues in the Republic of Moldova in the fight against the COVID pandemic, whether it was repairing schools, kindergartens and for our children or supporting cultural projects ”.

Maia Sandu reminded that the Republic of Moldova and Romania celebrated the 100th anniversary of the “Mihai Eminescu” National Theater, and on Europe Day, Maia Sandu granted, together with Klaus Iohannis, the high patronage for two other cultural projects that will take place in Chisinau .

The President of the Republic of Moldova also spoke about receiving the status of a candidate country for the European Union: “We count on Romania’s support. Romania has always been with us. Our relations today are at the most intense level in the last 30 years “, said Maia Sandu.

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the Parliament of Romania met in a joint sitting on Saturday, and at the end of the sitting a Joint Declaration of the two Legislatures will be adopted.

On behalf of the Romanian Parliament, the presidents of the two chambers are present – Marcel Ciolacu and Florin Cîţu, as well as the group leaders, the heads of commissions and parliamentarians from all the parliamentary political parties in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. An incident also took place after the president of AUR, George Simion, was forced to return with his first plane to Bucharest, as he was banned from entering the Republic of Moldova until 2023.

At the end of the sitting, a Joint Declaration of the two Parliaments will be adopted.

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