HOROSCOPE Saturday, June 18 - Stubbornness is expensive today.  The signs find this on their own skin


For some financial reason, plans like the ones you had with friends for today may be falling apart. Or maybe there are other reasons why you shouldn’t spend Saturday together, and because of that, you’re left with money that you won’t see back. The conjunction of the Moon with Saturn in the house of social life foretells a distance from a person you thought was close to you recently.


There may be some contradictory discussions today between you and a very close family member, from whom you expect a validation in some situations. It could be your mother or a grandmother or aunt you feel closer to. You may not get the reaction you need, and because of this, you may feel slightly disappointed, perhaps even betrayed to one degree or another.


You’re not in a very good mood. Maybe you’ve had a difficult week and you’re feeling down, or maybe you’re just in the wrong mood. Whatever the situation, try not to give in to the not-so-positive thoughts. The moon makes a conjunction with Saturn that shows that you tend to put evil in front of you, but it also seeks to look at the full side of the glass.


Something that happened today or that continues for several days makes you not see very well how a friendship or a project in which you have invested a lot of time and / or a lot of energy evolves. No wonder you’re scared, but try to see how well-founded they really are. The conjunction of the Moon with Saturn could accentuate some feelings too much, although the reasons are not so serious.


You and your partner may end up in contradictory discussions today because of your or his career. Or maybe you have certain expectations from him / her when you’re in public, and the other person doesn’t seem to mind. It is better to communicate your needs and desires instead of going directly to reproaches or gestures that betray the fact that you are not satisfied. That way, you can avoid conflicts.


You’ve had a difficult week and you’re feeling pretty tired. If you’ve made a lot of commitments to your friends or family, look to see which ones you can postpone. That way, you don’t run the risk of getting scolded. The others will understand that you need time for yourself, that you did everything possible in the given context not to disappoint them in any way.


There may be some tension between you and your loved one today. Maybe you have different preferences when it comes to spending your free time today, or maybe there are reasons for distrust that make you question what your loved one is saying. Whatever the situation, try to think about whether there are good reasons to doubt the trust of those around you. Maybe it’s not that bad.

A domestic, domestic, or residential issue may adversely affect the atmosphere in the home. Neither you, nor your partner, nor even other family members are able to come up with a similar idea about how these situations should be handled. Leave it to yourself in the first phase and you may realize that this was the only thing needed to reach a consensus.

If you are working today or have some projects with your family, you need to be careful how you communicate with others, from co-workers to loved ones. This is not the time to think that something is obvious. There is a risk of serious misinterpretation if you do not provide or request clarification. And in the first case, you may not even have to wait to be asked.

There is a possibility that those calculations you made today may not fit very well with the reality on the ground. You may spend more than you would like on a whim, or you may want to impress a loved one with a gift. Whatever the situation, it is certain that you may spend more than you should. Try to see if you can move away from your proposed budget.


There may be some communication difficulties between you and a family member today. In the context of a particular topic of communication, you may find it difficult to cope with the large differences in personality and / or vision that exist between you and a loved one. So you have to be very careful how you handle things, especially if you have some plans together or social commitments that you can’t miss. Leave the talks for another time.

There may be some news that makes you think today. On the other hand, it is advisable not to pay too much attention to them until there is evidence that things are really the way you thought they were. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will react in an exaggerated way that you cannot withdraw. So try to calm down and take action only when you feel absolutely confident.

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