Actor Valentin Uritescu has died

Valentin Uritescu died on Friday night, at the age of 81. According to Antena 3, the actor was suffering from a serious illness and was hospitalized in a specialized center where he was receiving treatment.

The actor was suffering from Extrapyramidal Syndrome, similar to Parkinson’s disease, and lately his health had deteriorated, so he would even have days when he could not speak.

Valentin Uritescu presented the first symptoms of the disease from which he suffered from the age of 33, and in the meantime the disease has advanced, according to the quoted source.

The information was also confirmed by the representatives of the Bulandra Theater, in a post on Facebook: “Valentin Uritescu has died. Many generations know this name, he associates it with a face, a voice and an unmistakable way of interpretation”.

The actor Valentin Uritescu gave life to roles as diverse as the offerings such as Sergeant Seven Brothers from the TV series “Lights and Shadows” signed by Andrei Blaier, character later continued in “We, the first line” directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu , Vasile from “Concurs” (directed by Dan Piţa), Dr. Marcu in “The most beloved of earthlings” (directed by Şerban Marinescu).

Born on June 4, 1941, in Vinerea commune, Alba county, he graduated from the “IL Caragiale” Institute of Theater and Cinematography in Bucharest (1963), after which he was employed at the “M. Filotti” Theater in Brăila (1963-1968). . He also performed at the Youth Theater in Piatra Neamţ (1968-1980), as well as at the Bulandra Theater in Bucharest (1981-1990).

At the Youth Theater in Piatra-Neamţ she received her first drama role, in the play “Before the rooster crows” by Ivan Bukovkan, directed by Eduard Covali (1975). At the Bulandra Theater he starred in the shows: “The Moon of the Disinherited” by Eugene O’Neill, “The Kabbalah of the Mustaches” by Mihail Bulgakov, “The Third Spike” by Marin Sorescu, “The Lost Morning” by Gabriela Adameşteanu, “Tartuffe” by Moliere.

He also carried out an intense artistic activity at the Bucharest National Theater, on whose stage he could be admired between 1990-2009, in plays such as: “Avram Iancu” by L. Blaga (1991), “Witches of Salem” by A. Miller (1991), “Cherry Orchard” by AP Chekhov (1992), “Morişca” by Ion Luca (1991), “The Undead” by H. Ibsen (1998), “The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco (1999), ” Krecinski’s Wedding “(2000),” Take, Ianke and Cadir “(2001),” Crime for the Earth “(2002),” The Other Realm “(2002),” Stories from the Forbidden Zone “(2004),” The Passions of St. Thomas D’Aquino “(2005).

In 2009, Valentin Uritescu played the role of Pantalone in the show “The Liar” by Carlo Goldoni (directed by Toma Enache), staged at the “Nottara” Theater. It was also distributed in the play “Scapino”, after Moliere (premiered on November 28, 2011), at the National Operetta Theater “Ion Dacian”, along with actors Ion Dichiseanu, Ileana Stana Ionescu, Monica Davidescu, Ilinca Goia, Andrei Duban and others, and in 2012 she was part of the cast of the show “Communal Hospital” by Hristo Boicev, directed by Felix Alexa, at the Metropolis Theater.

She has starred in dozens of films: “Angela Goes Further” (1981), “Contest” (1982), “Return from Hell” (1983), “Abandoned Canton”, “We in the Front Line” ( 1985), “Miss Aurica”, “The Golden Train” (1986), “Family Sunday”, “Great Boys” (1987), “Those Who Pay With Their Lives”, “A Studio in Search of a Star” (1988) ), “The Moment of Truth” (1989), “The Red Rats”, “The Eleventh Commandment”, “Remaining” (1990), “If I Were Peter Pan” (1991), “The Most Beloved of the Earthlings”, “The Bed conjugal “(1993),” Chira Chiralina “,” Undefeated Love “(1993),” Exam “(2000),” Leaning Tower of Pisa “(2002),” Trial Marriage “(TV series 2003),” “The Magnate” (2004), “Cuscrele” (TV-2005 series), “The Lover of the Great Lady Dracula” (2005), “Margo” (2006), “Currency Exchange” (2008). In 2006, he voiced his voice for the animated film “Cars”.

As a film actor, Valentin Uritescu had great success with the role of Sergeant Seven Brothers in the television series “Lights and Shadows”, directed by Andrei Blaier, 1981/1982, as well as in Sergiu Nicolaescu’s film “We, the Line first “, 1985).

Throughout his career, he was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit in the rank of Officer, Category D – “Performing Arts” (2004), the awards of the Romanian Filmmakers Association for the roles in “We, the front line” and “Miss Aurica” (1986) or of the Romanian Filmmakers Union for “The Moment of Truth”, “The Eleventh Commandment”, “Remaining”, “Red Rats” (1991).

In 2011, Valentin Uritescu made his debut in the literary world with the autobiographical volume “That’s how I am, stupid!”, And two years later, in 2013, he continued with “Take care of the best in you”, the memoir dedicated to his father both published by Humanitas Publishing House. In 2016, the artist also released the volume “Haunted by the lives of others”, memoirs published by Ars Docendi Publishing House.

In 2017, he received the award for his entire activity, during the 11th edition of the Gopo Awards Gala.

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