Vladimir Putin reveals his ambitions: The whole of the former USSR is Russian territory

Vladimir Putin reveals his ambitions: The whole of the former USSR is Russian territory

Vladimir Putin told participants on Friday at the St. Petersburg economic summit that from his point of view, the whole territory of the states that were once part of the USSR is, in fact, the territory of Russia.

In addition to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the Baltic states, as well as the Republic of Moldova, were among the 15 states that made up the USSR.

“What is it Soviet Union? This is, in fact, historical Russia. As sproved, eof it has ceased to exist. And I want to emphasize this, I have always treated with respect, in recent history, the processes of sovereignty that took place in the post-Soviet space, “said the Kremlin leader.

This is not the first time that Vladimir Putin has revealed his imperialist ideals. Not later than last week, he compared to Peter the Great at a meeting with young entrepreneurs in Russia, and suggested a parallel between the invasion of Ukraine and the tsar’s war against the Swedes. Putin said that then, as now, Russia is taking back its territories, and that can take time.

Putin says he does not oppose Ukraine’s EU accession, but predicts “colonization”

Putin claims that he would have respected the sovereignty of Ukraine if he had allies in Kyiv with whom he had good relations.

He claims that has no objections to Ukraine’s accession to the EU, because the latter is not a military alliance, unlike NATO, the AFP and Reuters agencies, taken over by Agerpres, reported.

“We have nothing against it, it is their sovereign decision whether or not to join economic unions (…) It is their job, that of the Ukrainian people,” the Russian leader told the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. However, he predicted that “Ukraine will become a semi-colony” of Western countries if it joins the EU.

On the other hand, Putin estimated that after the end of the “special military operation”, that is, of the war started by Russia through the aggression against Ukraine, the Russian-Ukrainian relations will be normalized. “Sooner or later, the situation will return to normal,” he said.

Kremlin leader challenges “Putin’s inflation”

The Kremlin leader also expressed confidence in the return to the Russian market of Western companies, especially European ones, which withdrew following sanctions imposed on Russia after the aggression on Ukraine.

He also insisted that the Russian military offensive in Ukraine was not the cause of global economic difficulties, especially rising energy prices, which were caused by the “systemic errors” of the West, which causes inflation by printing money alone. “We all hear about Putin’s alleged inflation (…) This is the result of systemic mistakes by the US administration and European bureaucracy (…) For them, our operation is a lifeline that allows them to put it’s all up to us, “Putin said.

Putin wants a world with more “power centers”

The Kremlin leader also predicted the end of the “unipolar” world under the influence of the United States and stressed that new centers of power have emerged, despite attempts by the West to preserve it “by all means.”

In a highly propagandistic speech at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Putin accused the United States of treating other countries as “colonies” and of considering itself “God’s messenger on earth.”

“The United States obviously does not realize that new centers of power have appeared on the globe in recent decades, and their voices are being heard more and more. Each of them develops its own political system and public institutions and implements its own model of economic growth and, of course, has the right to protect them and ensure their national sovereignty, “said the Kremlin leader.

The subject of nuclear weapons could not be missing from such a good opportunity to spread Russian rhetoric. Putin veiledly threatened that Russia would use nuclear weapons only “if necessary” to defend its sovereignty.. “We are not a threat, but everyone needs to know what we have and what we will use if necessary to defend our sovereignty, “said Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, a forum that this year was a” home “one, devoid of the presence of multinational companies and world business leaders.

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