Victor Rebengiuc: I lost hope!  That's it!  I have no hope.  What I voted for no longer exists

The great actor Victor Rebengiuc was Claudiu Pândaru’s guest, on Friday night, at Digi24. The master spoke, among other things, about the political life in Romania. “Yes, I lost hope! That’s it! I have no hope. I don’t have any more! ”, Said the great actor. “It simply came to our notice then. Gone! ”, Added Victor Rebengiuc.

Claudiu Pândaru, Digi24 journalist: From the roll of toilet paper, to the moment when you felt that it was no longer possible, that you had to go out in front of the Romanians, and until today, you said that unfortunately you had lost hope.

Victor Rebengiuc: Yes, I lost hope! That’s it! I have no hope. I do not have anymore! I voted for them. The first time I voted, I had something to vote for. I mean, I voted in full knowledge of the facts.

Claudiu Pândaru: You never voted against anyone again.

Victor Rebengiuc: Yes! I said, sir, these are the people I believe in and who will surely get us where we need to be.

Ehh, let’s just say I’ve seen better. What I voted for no longer exists. Went! It scattered, it hid, it went away, it ascended to heaven … I don’t know what happened. I am no longer interested. That’s why I don’t watch the news anymore, I don’t know anymore, I don’t read anything anymore … I have no idea what the problems are. (…)

Claudiu Pândaru: Tell me one thing. Even if you no longer find a reason to have hope, to get involved, this does not mean that the generations that are still trying to build Romania must lose it.

“It is difficult to fight corruption, but it must be fought. These children who are young and have strength, who are learning in a foreign country what democracy is, come and apply it here. “

Victor Rebengiuc: No, I expect from them! He has to come and do something. Not to follow them, not to get into that hop of theirs, but on the contrary, to seek, to impose what they have to impose in this country. But man’s freedom … not that with the injection, with the vaccine, that “I don’t give him a vaccine, that I’m free!” “I want to be free…”. This is not human freedom to choose.

“Realize democracy in this country. There is endemic corruption here. “

But the freedom to live in a democratic country, to really make democracy in this country, to be of great interest in the fight against corruption, because there is endemic corruption here. It’s hard to fight her, but she has to be fought. These children who are young and have strength, who are learning in a foreign country what democracy is, come and apply it here.

Fight these gangsters who are in power now. Tricks that give a few hundred lei, “come on, let’s say that …”, instead of making investments in the economy, to grow factories, jobs … He gives us alms, like this … lions that you have a small leaf ”.

Claudiu Pândaru: You know that the easiest thing for some governors is, and it has been, for them to say on TV that we are “increasing your pensions.”

Victor Rebengiuc: Yes! Yes, and Ceausescu also said “we will build a society that will be great, on the highest peaks of well-being …”.

“Romania has changed, but not because of politics”

Romania has changed, but not because of politics. It has changed from private initiatives. There are factories, industries … there is economic activity. There are people who work, who fight the laws that are, laws that oppress them, that do not allow them to develop … They bury them with controls, with taxes over taxes …

Yes, Romania has changed. If Ceausescu were resurrected now and saw what Romania looked like, he would have a stroke on the spot.

The full discussion in the video.

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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