The director of ANAF announces massive controls from July 1: We have examples everywhere of swindlers who defy the luxury they display

From July 1, ANAF announces that it will start massive controls to verify the income of individuals as a source of obtaining the assets of each person. In a press conference held on Friday, the director of the Tax Office, Lucian Heiuș, stated that there are numerous “examples of swindlers who defy the opulence and luxury they display, who spend exorbitant sums of money, defying the common man and who in their lives have not paid any taxes, and when you check their income, you find that they are almost non-existent. ”

“Starting with July 1, ANAF will begin massive checks to verify the income of individuals as a source of wealth for each person. It is an insult to honest people who work hard, sometimes from morning to evening, to see that others around them buy houses who drive after the sun, buy exorbitantly expensive cars and have not worked a day in their life and have not paid a tax.

It is also unfair for most businesses to run their businesses properly, pay their taxes and taxes on time, and other employers evade taxes, use undeclared work, get undeserved wealth, and pay no taxes in their lifetime.

We have to be realistic and understand that these mechanisms are harmful to the state budget, but they also create a great frustration around the Romanian society, even creating antisocial models “, declared the president of ANAF.

Heiuş claims that information about individuals will be collected from everywhere, including Facebook.

“We take information from everywhere, including Facebook. they did not pay any taxes, and when you check the income they have, you find that they are almost non-existent “, Heiuș also specified.

Through these actions, ANAF wants to verify whether the assets accumulated by individuals are in line with the income obtained.

“In these areas we will focus on the controls we start, to check if the accumulated wealth is in line with the income obtained. We took only 4 years, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, the year 2020 we will complete it at the end of September, and the year 2021 probably at the end of the year. stunned and outraged that 561,000 people, of CNPs, have accumulated, carefully, a difference between the revenues estimated by us and the declared and taxed revenues of 20 billion euros.

We saw what movable and immovable goods were purchased by each person, how the amounts in the bank accounts evolved, with what amounts they credited their own companies, with what amounts they increased their capital to the companies they have and what expenses could they incur “, Lucian Heiuș also said, on Friday, in the press conference.

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