Tanczos Barna: The only way to control climate change is to grow wooded areas

Tanczos Barna: The only way to control climate change is to grow wooded areas

The only way to control the effects of climate change is to increase forested areas, Environment Minister Barna Tanczos told a news conference on Friday. According to the minister, in Romania there are 8 counties that have less than 10% forest land.

“Developing irrigation systems and combating the effects of climate change through irrigation is a solution to an effect … It does not address the cause, but helps farmers and states to ensure food production. The only solution to control this phenomenon is to increase forested areas. and the southern counties to return to that balance that was destroyed with the disappearance of land in the extra-Carpathian part of Romania.We have eight counties in the country that have less than 10% forest land.There are seven or eight that are below 15% The balance needs to be re-created and the PNRR is coming, which will provide funding for 57,000 hectares, which will help restore this balance in certain areas. There is a billion for this purpose – forest habitats, 600 million to set up 57,000 hectares of forest land and we have a program that can concretely support the fight against climate change, “Tanczos was quoted as saying by Agerpres.

The Minister of the Environment also pointed out the important role that the measures agreed in 2021, in Glasgow, at COP26, will play in stopping the phenomenon of climate change.

“Let me go back in time and bring to your attention a Sunday in 2021, October 31, Glasgow. An extremely important moment in the fight against climate change. At that conference, in COP26, more than a hundred countries around the world, are committed to taking action together against these phenomena: we are no longer talking about a local issue, we are no longer talking about a national issue, we are no longer talking about a continent issue, but we are talking about climate change, which, without exception, threatens and affects the whole world. “These products will no longer be accepted in the European Union. It is an example of a common fight against this phenomenon of climate change and ut the official.

He added that the pre-existing environmental crisis has been compounded by the war in Ukraine and, implicitly, by a global food crisis, as well as a migration problem.

“(…) February 2022 came and a terrible war broke out, a war with unimaginable costs both financially and in terms of environmental protection, but also in terms of the crises generated. A war Hundreds of lives are lost every day, a war that has generated an almost international conflict, also on a global scale, and which has shown us what is happening in the event of a generalization of a crisis. We have seen that it is enough for two states to stop or limit exports, and a global food crisis is immediately generated. A food crisis or a local crisis, such as war, we have seen what a galloping inflation means, what an economic crisis means, a resource crisis, a fuel crisis, and we feel every day these weather phenomena, this climate change is not stopped “, said Barna Tanczos.

Representatives of environmental authorities, associations and companies are present on Friday at the conference “Climate change, zero priority at European level. What is Romania doing?”, Organized by DC Media Group on the occasion of World Day to Combat Desertification.

The United Nations General Assembly (UN) decided in 1994 to mark the annual World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on June 17.

The theme of this year’s World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, “Rising up from drought together,” underscores the need for early action to avoid disastrous consequences for humanity and planetary ecosystems.

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