SRI director: "We have constantly avoided reacting, even when there have been multiple, incorrect political attacks."

SRI director Eduard Hellvig said on Friday, in the context of controversies sparked by the appearance in the press of a package of laws on national security, that he “understands very well what the abuse of a state with undemocratic instinct against its citizens means.” “That is why, as long as I am in a public office, I will fight so that such abuses do not happen again,” he said, explaining that SRI avoided reacting to political attacks on the institution and the director. or.

“I am the Director in whose mandate the Romanian Intelligence Service handed over almost all the files to the former Securitate that the Service had not previously handed over (I say almost because CNSAS stopped receiving all the files due to lack of space).

I mention that this handover concerns files that had previously been kept for reasons of national security, the personnel files of former security officers and last but not least the file and computer records of the former political police, a tool that will greatly improve citizens’ access to communist documents. and to improve the work of researchers during this period.
Perhaps it would be useful in this context to point out that the SRI is the only institution holding the archives of the former Securitate that has thus fulfilled its legal and moral duty to society so far.

I also constantly avoided reacting, even when there were multiple, incorrect political attacks against the institution and my staff. During my tenure, the Service has undergone extensive territorial reform, and today, as a result, we are a more flexible, more efficient, more respected institution in the country and abroad.

I supported the inclusion, at the National Academy of Intelligence, of courses on totalitarianism so that the new generations of officers could be prepared in a democratic spirit. We have audited and reformed the entire doctoral school so that today we have transparent and academically respected mechanisms in the process of awarding the doctorate. The number of young people who want to join the SRI has increased in recent years, and our structure is a reliable partner in NATO and the EU, where we provide a significant amount of information in the context of the war of aggression against Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

In the early 1990’s, as a young graduate, I went to public protests to demand the application of lustration and for moral reform in society. And I still believe that all these processes should have been started and completed in the 1990s, because many of the current problems have their roots in the turbulent times since then. I repeat what I have said in recent years – I personally understand very well what it means to abuse a state with an undemocratic instinct against its citizens, and that is why, as long as I am in public office, I will fight to prevent such abuses. repeat, “Hellvig said.

Publisher: AVD

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