Philip Morris invests $ 100 million in 2022-2023 in developing production capacity for smoke-free products in Romania and reducing environmental impact

Thus, in the period 2017-2023, the investment in smoke-free products made by Philip Morris in Romania will reach 600 million dollars, according to the company’s representatives for ZF.

“Smoking is dangerous and causes disease. The truth is that the vast majority of smokers simply do not quit. The data shows that by 2025 we will have about the same number of smokers we have today. We accepted the challenge of finding alternatives to classic smoking, but it took some time, as it did for other innovative technologies. We accepted the challenge and launched the first cigarette alternatives in 2013, 2014, and by 2016 we were so convinced that we would succeed that our CEO publicly stated that the company’s ambition would one day be to completely replace cigarettes with alternatives. based on scientific research that is better than cigarettes, ”said Tommaso Di Giovanni, VP International Communications in the Philip Morris Group, at the Technovation event at the company’s research and development center in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

From 2017, when the Otopeni plant transformation process began, to 2021, Philip Morris has invested $ 500 million in developing production capacity, training employees and implementing sustainability solutions. Of that amount, nearly $ 100 million was invested in 2021 alone.

In the period 2022-2023, the company will invest more than 100 million dollars, money that will go to the development of production capacities for smokeless products for the internal and external market, as well as to reduce the impact on the environment – the ultimate goal is to the plant to become carbon neutral by 2024.

“People should know three things: if they don’t smoke, they shouldn’t start because smoking causes disease; if they smoke, they need to know that the best thing they can do is quit smoking, and if they don’t quit, today’s science, technology and innovation allow us to do much more for them, they have alternatives which are better choices, “said Tommaso Di Giovanni.

In Romania there are about 300,000 users of IQOS, the smoke-free product manufactured by Philip Morris, and about 5 million smokers.

“In 71 markets where we are present with smokeless products, which would reach 73 if we include Ukraine and Russia, almost 13 million smokers have switched to IQOS and have never smoked cigarettes. In addition, the number would be higher because there are 4.8 million people in Russia and Ukraine that we did not take into account “, added Di Giovanni.

Smoke-free products now account for more than 30 percent of the company’s net revenue, and investments around smoke-free product development amount to about $ 9.2 billion since 2008.

By 2025, Philip Morris wants to reach 40 million users who switch to smoke-free and quit smoking products, and 50% of the group’s total revenue will come from these products. In addition, the company wants to reach 100 markets to sell these smokeless products, up from 71 today.

“We want to reach a share of more than 50% of net income from smoke-free products. This share was 10% three years ago and is now 30%. We want to grow from about 20 million smoke-free users to 50 million users by 2025, ”said Stefano Volpetti, president of the Smoke-free Products Category, CCO at the Philip Morris Group, at the same event.

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