Orban accuses PSD: “It proposes fiscal nonsense, it goes back to the Dragnea era.  The solidarity tax is an aberration "

“For months, the PSD has been coming with all sorts of fiscal nonsense, in a desperate attempt to increase budget revenues so that it has money taken from the deserving, from those who work, who have results and who are prepared. , so that he can pay tribute to the segments that vote for the PSD members. I haven’t heard so many tax aberrations so far. Let me give you just one example, with the overtaxation of special pensions. This is simply a campaign statement. Parliament passed a bill to decide on the overtaxation of special pensions. The project was attacked by the CCR, which found the law unconstitutional “, says Ludovic Orban.

The deputy rejects the solidarity tax desired by PSD and transformed into a contribution for education and health.

“It simply came to our notice then. When you impose a tax, the money from that tax goes to the budget and it goes into the common basket and is divided by the state budget law. I am categorically against such a turnover tax. They are in fact returning to Dragnea’s proposals. And in Dragnea’s time, PSD wanted to impose the turnover tax, which from my point of view is an aberration (…). This measure will give an extremely bad signal on the market and will create an extremely negative perception of Romania at the level of companies and it is possible to lose a lot of potential investments “, concludes Orban.

PSD proposes overtaxing the salary income from the budget system higher than the salary of the country’s president, overtaxing the special pensions in two stages and applying a progressive system of deductions for salaries under 4,500 lei gross, so that the minimum salary is no longer taxed. Also, the building tax would be calculated according to the value of the property that can be found in the notarial grid. PSD also proposes a solidarity tax on the turnover of large companies, converted into a contribution for health and education.

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