NMA: The period 2012-2021 is the warmest in the history of measurements in Romania

The period 2012 – 2021 represents the warmest interval of ten consecutive years in the history of measurements, in Romania, Elena Mateescu, general director of the National Meteorological Administration (ANM), stated in a specialized conference on Friday.

“The year 2019 remains in the top of the warmest years in the history of measurements, in our country, and 2012 – 2021 the warmest period of ten consecutive years. Also, the year 2021 is the fifteenth warmest year, but which also brought some Because this period, farmers and farmers know, is the period of maximum water consumption of plants and when we talk about an uneven distribution of time and space, we notice that it happens as a phenomenon of drought. An analysis of the first ten months, between September 1, 2021 and June 15, 2022, compared to 2019-2020, shows the drought in those areas in the eastern part of the country. Moldova, Dobrogea, Muntenia and Oltenia This year, in these areas, the average regional dry rainfall regime in the same areas – Moldova, Dobrogea, Muntenia, but slightly except Oltenia, with a value slightly above what it would mean at the limit “, Mateescu explained, quoted by Agerpres.

A heat wave follows in Romania, as a result of a tropical air mass that will cross the country

According to the ANM specialist, for the next period, from a meteorological point of view, the weather will be considerably warmer in Romania as a result of a tropical air mass that will cross our territory.

“Currently, the most affected areas remain the eastern part, Moldova, Dobrogea, Bărăganul. Last but not least, the western part of the country, in Banat, in Crişana and even Maramureş. As we know, we will have a meteorological warning Yellow code for atmospheric instability, torrential downpours, intensified wind, isolated, hail today and tomorrow in most parts of the country, except the Coast and the western extremity of the country. As always, the local nature and the short-term rainfall on the areas affected by the drought are sure to make a significant difference. especially from June 21 to the maximum in 24-25, the tropical air mass that is currently affecting Western Europe, will certainly address the area of ​​our country and will bring premiums. the days when the temperature values ​​approach and exceed the threshold of a hot day of 35 degrees “, mentioned Elena Mateescu.

Representatives of environmental authorities, associations and companies participated on Friday in the conference “Climate change, zero priority at European level. What is Romania doing?”, Organized on the occasion of the World Day to Combat Desertification.

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