HOROSCOPE Friday, June 17 - Good news today for three signs.  They did not expect to receive them

Today, the moon is entering the house of social life and future plans in your general horoscope, a sign that today a good part of your time and energy is directed towards friends or projects that you have in progress or that you will implement. . Some people with whom you share ideals and visions advise you well and believe in your dreams, which inspires you to move forward and look forward with optimism. What’s more, it might give you some extremely valuable tips that you can apply.


The moon is coming to your solar horoscope career house today, so a busy day awaits you professionally. There may be, for example, a workload that could increase your salary, or one of your superiors might suggest that you work together after work. Whatever the scenario, it is certain that you are shooting two rabbits in one fell swoop: drawing attention to your professional experience and the skills you have managed to develop, and at the same time, you may round up your salary in a way. substantial, which makes a significant difference.

Today, the moon takes its place in the house of philosophy of life, travel, studies and interaction with state institutions. It is a good day to deal with holiday issues, exams or visits to the counters where you can solve certain bureaucratic problems. It is also a day when you feel good in your skin and there are many indications that it is worth trusting your perspective on certain things. See everything clearly and you have the life experience necessary to approach them in a wise way, which will lead you to the desired result in the end.


The moon rests in an important relational house in your general astrogram, which means that today you are concerned about your relationship with your life partner and / or those you work with. On the other hand, it could be a source of anxiety and vulnerabilities, dilemmas that, at least for the time being, you cannot clarify. Try to see what you feel is insecure about them and how you can clarify things between you. It may not be anything serious, but rather something that can be fixed through open, calm conversation.


The moon appears in the house of partnerships in your solar astrogram, an indication that you are also among the natives who make sentimental relationships and professional relationships a center of interest today. Communicate well with your life partner and / or those you work with, and you seem to be on the same wavelength, especially when it comes to the final goals of the projects you are currently working on or those you will be working on. implement in the coming period. So it won’t be too difficult for you to reach a consensus when there are differences.

The moon stops in the house of work and health in your general horoscope, an indication that you will not run out of energy during this day. The truth is that a busy day is waiting for you at work, where the expectations are high and the time is quite short. So the key is to try to manage stress as best you can and focus on your priorities first and foremost. That way, it will be fairly easy for you to complete them, even though you have a lot to do by the end of the day.

The moon makes its place in the house of love and children in your solar horoscope, so it would be advisable to spend more time today with your loved one and / or the little ones. It will do you good to do this, because you seem to be on the same wavelength. You have similar expectations from this day and feel the need to enjoy your common hobbies together. If you’re single but have a date with someone, you might be pleasantly surprised by the multitude of things you have in common.


The moon reaches the family home from your general astrogram, which is why it is expected of you to invest more time and energy in the family. The good news is that you have the patience to interact harmoniously with your loved ones, even when your mentalities and personalities do not seem to intersect at all. You’ve recently gone through a not-so-pleasant episode with someone in your family, and you know what it’s worth to focus on and what to do when there are big differences on the surface. You have learned an extremely valuable lesson.


The moon makes its way into the house of communication in your solar astrogram, which enhances your ability to interact with those around you. The positive effects of this transit are especially seen in the way you communicate with your life partner and / or those you work with, people you seem to be connected to on the same frequency today. It is also a good day for natives who are negotiating today or who want to start a project in collaboration with someone. Apparently, the conclusion of the conversation and the final terms will benefit him in the long run.

The moon stops at the money house in your general horoscope, so it’s no wonder you’re worried about finances today. The good news is that there are opportunities in this sector, that there are chances to make some profits that will round off your income. In most cases, it could be extra-professional activities, projects that could appear in sectors of activity that you flirt with from time to time. Whatever the situation, it is certain that things are looking better and better for you financially, but also professionally.


From today onwards, the moon passes the sign of your birth, which is why you enjoy an infusion of energy and good mood. It also helps that you are in a good relationship with your life partner and / or the little ones, that the time spent with them helps you to see the full side of the glass. If you are single, you may receive more attention today than usual from your fans, which makes you more confident in yourself. And it is not excluded to meet someone who arouses your interest in a special way.

The moon stops in the house of the subconscious in your solar horoscope, so your introverted side may come out today. So, it might not do you much good to have large groups of people or social contexts in which you have to display a facet of your own that you are not 100% compatible with. The best leisure scenario is the one in which you enjoy the company of the family, especially if the quality time has been a bit lacking lately. That way, you’ll be full of energy for your weekend commitments.

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