Elon Musk meditates on aliens in his first discussion with Twitter staff, while making dismissals at Tesla

Elon Musk, director of SpaceX, pondered the existence of aliens and other space civilizations and his belief that Twitter should help “civilization and consciousness,” in his first discussion with employees of the social network he wants to take over. Reuters, which had access to the audio recording of the discussion.

Elon Musk he’s late 10 minutes from video conferencing time. Musk entered the conversation wearing a white shirt and looked like he was sitting in one kitchen, according to a source who followed the conversation. In addition, at the end, when it stopped streaming video, his avatar seemed to be two hands in form number 69, an apparent reference to the sexual position, the source who participated in the discussion told Reuters.

Thursday’s talk was actually a question-and-answer session, moderated by a Twitter CEO, but it was the first time Elon Musk addressed Twitter employees directly. He gave them too few details about taking over the social media company – which he wants to buy for $ 44 billion. Instead, he confirmed that in his opinion, the company should reduce the number of employees, which, it seems, has already started to happen at Tesla, the company where the billionaire is executive director.

Twitter employees sent memes on an internal channel during a conversation with Elon Musk

Twitter employees massively accessed an internal Slack channel during a conversation with Musk, posting memes and complaining that the Tesla boss did not provide them with useful answers about his vision of the business and employees’ salaries, Reuters notes. They also asked the moderator to press Musk about his views on remote work, given that Twitter currently allows employees to work relatively freely, remotely or from the office, over time. what Musk said he was more inclined to work in the office and would only agree with homework if it was an “exceptional” person.

Musk did not say what was new about the end of the Twitter takeover transaction, but said he was still trying to find out more about Twitter’s chatbot and spam accounts, saying it was “the biggest concern.” to.

Asked if layoffs were to be expected, Musk said there must be “some rationalization of the number of employees and spending,” stressing that at this point the costs outweigh the revenue, but he assured them that whoever contributes significantly to the company’s business would not he had something to worry about.

Tesla CEO told Twitter employees that he wants to increase the number of users of the service from 229 million to at least 1 billion people and said that advertising will remain important for the company, despite the fact that he had previously stated that he believes that Twitter should not use ads. “I think advertising is very important for Twitter. I’m not against advertising. I’d probably talk to the advertisers and say, ‘Hey, let’s make sure the ads are as fun as possible,’ “Musk said.

The imminent takeover of Twitter was greeted with skepticism and concern by the vast majority of San Francisco employees, with some fearing in particular that Musk would relax the rules regarding certain content of the posts. The billionaire told Twitter employees that he believes users should be allowed to say “pretty outrageous things” on the platform, as long as the content is not illegal.

Stock market crash for Tesla, where layoffs began

Twitter shares fell 1.5 percent and Tesla shares fell more than 9 percent in Thursday afternoon’s trading, Reuters reported.

In fact, Tesla has lost 14 percent of its jobs since Elon Musk, who is the chief executive, warned that he was worried about the economy, that he would have to cut staff and that he would suspend employment worldwide. Tesla shares are a worrying sign for the health of the global economy, as markets shrink, inflation rises sharply, and concerns about the recession are numerous, Reuters notes.

The number of job postings on Tesla’s website fell to 5,011 from 5,855 earlier this month, according to data provided to Reuters by Thinknum Alternative Data. Job vacancies fell by 32% from a recent high on 21 May.

In addition, about 20 people said they had been fired, let go or that their jobs had been vacated in the last week. It’s a small number compared to the size of Tesla’s workforce, but many said it’s all part of a plan to cut jobs by 10 percent, which shows the company is even making layoffs.

Other Tesla workers say they are planning a state of uncertainty, and Musk’s order earlier this month to call employees away from home and stop them from working has made their jobs unsustainable. The soldier announced in an e-mail to the company that he will fire the workers who do not return to the office, saying that the realization of the most interesting products “will not happen by phone”.

Tesla, which had about 100,000 employees globally at the end of last year, also canceled three online recruitment events for China that were scheduled for this month.

Instead, Tesla continued to hire in some areas, such as Germany, where the electric car company wants to accelerate production. The Minister of Regional Economy in Brandenburg, the state of the factory, said earlier this week that Tesla is hiring between 500 and 600 new workers a month and has recruited about 4,500 people so far.

Tesla has not responded to a request for comment, Reuters reports.

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