Eduard Hellvig, SRI director: It is a totally wrong idea that intelligence services could return to the model of the former Securitate

SRI Director Eduard Hellvig commented for the first time in a video statement on Friday, the first of his tenure at the helm of the institution, the controversial package of national security laws, explaining that “It’s a totally wrong idea that in 2022, information from Romania could return to the model of the former Securitate ”. The current national security laws “are those adopted in the early 1990s, and their form constantly allows unclear interpretations,” said the SRI director.

“For over two weeks, the public space has been discussing a package of laws on national security and how they could influence democracy in Romania. It is normal for society to be concerned with the subject of these laws. However, the debate is focused only on the SRI, which is safe to say.

Given the legitimate desire of society to consolidate democracy and to reject regulations that may evoke the harmful spectrum of totalitarian periods, it is necessary to make a few clarifications. This statement can show the vision of today’s SRI that I share when it comes to the role of intelligence services in a democratic society.
The information structures must be at the service of the citizens through everything they undertake, respecting the laws of the country, the rights and the civil liberties.

In a democracy, balance is needed! On the one hand, the observance of civil rights and freedoms, and, on the other hand, the consolidation of state institutions in the face of unprecedented threats, such as those we are currently facing ”; said the SRI director.

He said he would comment on the content of the laws “only after they have been adopted in the legislative process, which will include public consultation, and in which SRI has only an advisory role”.

“I repeat what I have said many times in recent years about the need to modernize current laws. Updating these laws is not a recent goal, but one that has been missed for the past 30 years. The only existing laws are those adopted in the early 1990s, and their form constantly allows unclear interpretations.

SRI has constantly called for legal instruments to enable us to be more effective in combating the threats facing Romania.

At the same time, adapting legislation must take into account Romania’s landmarks today – we are a democratic society, part of the Western family, a member of the EU and NATO, and democratic principles must always prevail. We have Western models that can inspire us, and I believe that any attempt to return to communist-type regulations must be rejected from the outset.

It is a totally wrong idea that in 2022, the Romanian intelligence services could return to the model of the former Securitate, because that model was one that belonged to the totalitarian communist regime, a regime universally recognized as criminal, imposed by a foreign power and totally the opposite of a society that wants freedom, prosperity and security “, explained Eduard Hellvig.

One such virus, and the most dangerous in my opinion, is security

Eduard Hellvig wanted to specify “what he means by Security and Securism”:

“Security was more than a repressive institution. She became, through the discretionary power she exercised during the years of communism, a creator of mentalities, a corrector of behavior, an absolute judge, and an administrator with a coercive role of conscience.
Security laboratories were hastily abandoned in December 1989, but the viruses developed in them had already penetrated deep into our society.

One such virus, and the most dangerous in my opinion, is security. Security is the idea of ​​using the traumas of communist society to create, very cleverly, a totalitarian reflection. It is that idea that behind everything, there is an obscure and necessarily malicious interest, that there are enemies inside Romania, enemies that we have to fight. Security is the process of intent without evidence, the manipulation of the truth and the maintenance of an artificial conflict between parts of society, between society and state institutions, between individuals and society. The Securitate is digging into the foundations of any democratization process, it wants to keep us in place and in conflict with each other. Security has the ability to present itself as a drug, when in reality it is the virus itself.
Despite its name and origins, security is not the exclusive prerogative of the professional category that created it.

Paranoia, conspiracy theories, trial by association, creation of false fears, widespread suspicion that starts from the premise of guilt, manipulation – are its basic components. Today, security is well represented in too many environments in our society.
I want to be able to consolidate together, state institutions, the political class and the civil society, so that Romania can be cured of security and finally leave behind the practices of the former Securitate. We need to learn about security and security in history textbooks, not want to repeat their practices. “

“All the SRI’s activity in recent years has been aimed at moving away from the communist past, modernizing the institution in a democratic spirit and bringing it closer to the performance standards of the Euro-Atlantic partners. I am the first director of SRI who publicly condemned the Security as a whole “, explained the head of SRI.

He said he would like the institution’s term of office to be limited to a maximum of two under the new legislation.

“In 2016, one year after taking office, I said something that I still support today: I believe that beyond the other provisions, the law should stipulate that the position of Director of such an information structure should be limited to a maximum of two mandates, because too much power can harm democracy. I still believe this and I would like such a provision to be introduced in the new legislation adopted by Parliament. “

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Editor: Adriana Duțulescu

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