Ciuca: PNL will not support any measure that will stifle the business environment, the vital engine of the economy

“We all see news and statements about the effects of the current global economic crisis. There are a few clarifications to make it very clear what we are talking about and for everyone to understand. It is not healthy and responsible to play with the tax system in times of instability. We risk having twice as many problems in a year or two as we have today. We have, in history, precedents of crooked measures, which came at favorable times for some from an electoral point of view, for which, later, the Romanians also paid. We have about 96 billion euros allocated for development and the mission to direct this money to all key areas, in a smart way. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in an irreparable financial collapse. “writes on Facebook Nicolae Ciucă.

He also states that, in the fiscal field, the entry into force of some measures that may fall later in the CCR test means damages paid from the state budget.

We do not allow ourselves to make constitutional mistakes with major reform measures in key areas, especially those with a budgetary impact. Let us remember that the laws on the special pensions of judges or parliamentarians have been declared unconstitutional by the RCC. Either because they contravened constitutional principles of the independence of the judiciary, or because they were unclear, imprecise, unpredictable, or adopted without respect for constitutional parliamentary procedures. In the field of taxation, the entry into force of measures that may subsequently fail the test at the RCC means damages paid from the state budget. Are there inequities? Yes! But we have in the PNRR very clearly stipulated the following: pension reform (a system based on contributivity), as well as public administration reform and salaries in the public system (a system based on performance). That’s how we’ll fix things. Why? To produce effects. To work in the long run. PNL will not support any measure that will stifle the business environment, the vital engine of the economy. We do not agree with any vision that places burdens on business and companies today. How do we recover if we weaken the real economy? We cannot promote unconstitutional measures, overnight taxes, taxes and burdens on companies and the business environment. Mistakes during this period will cost us dearly. And we, the National Liberal Party, assume the measures taken and understand that we must look at what Romania will look like in the near future, with the PNRR reforms started, with the PNRR money activated in support and development programs of the country. We are not looking at polls today, but in the long run at the Romanian society. We believe that this means responsibility for governance. “; concludes the Prime Minister.

PSD welcomes the decision of the governing coalition to accept the Social Democratic proposal regarding the application of a progressive system of deductions for salaries below 4,500 lei so that the minimum wage reaches a 0% tax, the Social Democrats said on Friday: “PSD is confident that the governing partners will also agree with the other two proposals on overtaxing 40% of very high salaries and up to 90% of special pensions that significantly exceed the average pension in Romania”.

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