A UK company has managed to create functional invisibility shields

Inspired by the iconic Harry Potter cloak, these invisibility shields allow anyone to hide from view, no matter the setting.

Invisibility Shield Co. is a UK-based startup that has been working for over two years to create an invisibility mechanism accessible to the general public. The company recently unveiled a line of invisibility shields that rely on surprisingly simple technology to make users invisible to the naked eye.

Photo: StockSnap.com
Photo: StockSnap.com

The shield uses a matrix of lenses designed to deflect light from the subject behind the shield away from the observer. The lenses are oriented vertically to allow light from the subject’s direction to diffuse as it passes through the shield.

The light in the background is refracted toward the observer, who can no longer see the subject hidden behind the shield.

“From the observer’s point of view, this backlight is actually scattered horizontally on the front of the shield, over the area where the subject would normally be seen,” company officials said.

The team behind the project tested a variety of lens shapes, angles and depths and finally opted for a variant that does not require toxic resins that are commonly used in such models.

Also, the shield is based exclusively on optics, not needing any energy source to produce its “magic”. Despite its thickness – just over five centimeters – the shield weighs only nine kilograms, so it can be easily carried by a single operator.

Photo: Pixabay.com
Photo: Pixabay.com

The invisibility shields are available in two sizes, the standard 100 x 60 cm, at a price of almost 300 pounds, and a smaller version, 30 x 20 cm, at the price of 50 pounds, including international transport.

According to the Kickstarter page of the project, the invisibility shield works best when placed on even backgrounds, such as foliage, grass, sand, and sky, but will also work against painted buildings, rails, or lines.

Photo: DepositPhotos.com
Photo: DepositPhotos.com

Invisibility Shield Co. emphasizes that while its creations will protect the user from prying eyes, they will not protect him from any kind of attack, as they are made of a flexible and non-resistant material used for external signaling.

The team behind the company claims that it has already registered hundreds of pre-orders for its invisibility shield in just a few days and hopes to start deliveries by December this year.

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