The government passed the anti-speculation ordinance.  Situations in which authorities may intervene to correct "misconduct"

The Romanian government has adopted an emergency ordinance that allows the authorities, in exceptional situations, to intervene and correct in real time inappropriate behavior of traders or producers of goods and service providers, announced on Thursday Dan Virgil Pascu, vice president of the Competition Council.

According to him, the emergency ordinance adopted on Thursday provides for the possibility for the Romanian Government to issue a government decision in exceptional situations, listed in the ordinance – mobilization of the armed forces, state of emergency, state of war, state of alert and other crisis situations established by law. The Vice President of the Competition Council emphasized that only “in these restrictive situations” will be intervened.

“It simply came to our notice then not applicable to the price of food now, because we are not going through a crisis of such serious gravity as to require the issuance of such a Government decision “, stated the vice-president of the Competition Council.

He stressed that the Government decision can be issued for a limited period of time, of 6 months, which can be extended successively for periods of 3 months.

This regulatory act would give greater powers to Consumer Protection and the Competition Council, institutions that would take action against those who charge unjustifiably high prices or who try to manipulate the market by limiting production or sales. It should be emphasized that the provisions of this law would apply only in the event of a crisis situation declared by a normative act.

According to Dan Virgil Popescu, the most important aspect is the protection of the final consumer. “It simply came to our notice then the prohibition of unjustifiably high prices, unjustified by the objective economic conditions of such periods of crisis for a certain category of products or services explicitly specified by the Government. (…) The sphere of protection we think of is dual – on the one hand we are pursuing a good functioning of the markets, in the sense that in certain periods of crisis for certain products we want to prevent the creation of unjustified stocks, the generation of artificial demands on the market for the purpose of resale at much higher prices, unjustifiably highon the one hand, and at the same time, in the sense of protecting the proper functioning of the markets, we thought of preventing the limitation of productionexactly the same idea of to prevent the generation of an artificial demand “explained Dan Virgil Popescu.

Therefore, the emergency ordinance allows the Government of Romania to adopt, in the restrictive situations provided by this emergency ordinance, of serious crisis, to adopt a government decision by which specify certain risky goods or services – those goods and services the list will be drawn up on the recommendation of the Ministry of Economy and other institutions or ministries who have competence in the matter, obviously depending on the crisis that is coming to you. The emergency ordinance allows us, from the Competition Council and the National Authority for Consumer Protection, to intervene and correct in real time inappropriate behaviors of traders or producers of goods and service providers “, said Dan Virgil Pascu.

“In our sphere of competence, of the Competition Council, are the market distortions that appear in the field of business to business, from enterprise to enterprise, market distortions that affect legal persons, enterprises, while the National Authority for Consumer Protection will deal the implementation of the normative act regarding the protection of the final consumer “, said the vice-president of the Competition Council.

“Today the ordinance was adopted by the Romanian Government. Compared to the previous moment, when Mr. President Bogdan Chiriţoiu briefly presented the draft normative act, I want to specify that a meeting took place between the Competition Council, the National Authority for Consumer Protection, a meeting together with the business environment, at the headquarters The Government, organized by the Romanian Government, where the business community expressed its fears about the possible harmful consequences that this normative act may have “, said Dan Virgil Pascu, at the end of the Government meeting, according to Agerpres.

He mentioned that some of the observations of the business environment were taken over in the text of the emergency ordinance.

“As an additional security measure, the Romanian Government decided that in the Government decision establishing the products listed in the risk products and the methodology of cooperation and collaboration between ANPC, the Competition Council, other public institutions, the business and consumer protection associations, obviously, because in crisis situations the interests of the business environment are not completely covered by the interests of the consumer “, Dan Virgil Pascu underlined.

Editor: Luana Pavaluca

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