The government has approved the bill for the purchase of 32 F-16 aircraft from Norway

According to the draft, the Government of Romania will award to the Government of the Kingdom of Norway the contract for the purchase of 32 F-16 aircraft, with initial logistical support and a complementary package of goods and services from the Government of the United States of America.

The aircraft will be delivered in operational condition, their available resource ensuring their operation for a transition period of at least 10 years to the 5th generation aircraft, which makes the purchase of aircraft from the Government of Norway in fact a capability transfer between two NATO allies. The aircraft will ensure the fulfillment of the new requirements existing at NATO level, later to be introduced in the modernization program at the same M6.X configuration with the F-16 aircraft from the first squadron already entered by the Romanian Air Force.“, According to the press release.

MApN transmits that this solution ensures the involvement of the national defense industry in the execution of maintenance and modernization works of F-16 aircraft, through the economic operator designated maintenance center for F-16 aircraft by the Romanian Government – Aerostar Bacău, which will contribute to the consolidation and maintaining operational air capability.

According to the press release, the acquisition by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway of the package of 32 F-16 aircraft also includes the training of a minimum number of specialists in the aviation technical-engineering personnel of the Air Force necessary for the key functions in the planning and execution structures. and to provide logistical planning at the Air Base and Air Force General Staff for the two F-16 aircraft squadrons.

“This solution ensures, in a short period of time, the creation at the level of the squadrons of the minimum operational, maintenance, planning and driving capability strictly necessary for the safe operation of the F-16 aircraft that will be purchased. The estimated funds for the acquisition are about 454 million euros, excluding VAT. Given the complexity of the program, the necessary financial resources will be determined exactly after the start of the procurement procedures and the start of discussions with representatives of the Government of Norway and the Government of the United States of America. “it is also shown in the communiqué.

Currently, the Romanian Air Force has 17 F-16 aircraft in M5.2R configuration, which will be upgraded to M6.X configuration, purchased based on the provisions of the Concept of gradual realization of air defense capability within the program “Multi-role aircraft Air Force. ”

The missions of the Permanent Combat Service – Air Police (SLP-PA) are carried out with F-16 and MiG-21 LanceR aircraft, but the use of the latter is a short-term, one-year solution. The gradual decommissioning of the LanceR MiG-21 aircraft and the need for the permanent operation of the Combat Service – Air Police with F-16 aircraft, corroborated with the evolution of the regional security environment, determined the need to identify a solution to protect the airspace of Romania with F-16 aircraft and the execution of SLP-PA with F-16 aircraft, according to the commitments assumed towards NATO.

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