The government has approved grants of 400 million euros for SMEs

On Thursday, the government approved the ordinance for the granting of investment grants in order to restore the resilience of SMEs. The allocated budget is 400 million euros, said the Minister of European Investments and Projects, Marcel Boloş.

“As it is already known, the Romanian Government, through the package of economic and social measures, has committed itself to granting investment grants worth 400 million euros, and, today, this commitment has been fulfilled. Thus, the ordinance for granting investment grants was approved in order to restore the resilience of SMEs. The financing scheme and the budget allocated to the financing scheme is 400 million euros. It includes two measures “, Marcel Boloş declared, on Thursday, in a press conference at Victoria Palace.

He said the funding scheme includes two measures.

„Measure no. 1, which has an allocation of EUR 60 million, with grants of between EUR 50 000 and EUR 200 000, and is intended to provide services and to restore services for areas such as education, health, social work and services provided to population. The estimated number of beneficiaries is around 1,200 beneficiaries. The second component of the measures is the granting of grants to restore the resilience of SMEs affected by the crisis. Here, the value is approximately 360 million euros. A number of 4,000 companies are targeted, and the areas for which these grants will be allocated are those related to the activity of production, construction, transport and storage, hotels, restaurants on the component of specific facilities for accommodation services. Grants range from 50,000 euros to 500,000 euros. Equipment, machinery, specific endowments and everything that means this part of investments related to the capitalization of SMEs and the restoration of resilience capacities will be settled “, Boloş explained.

He detailed and related to the project selection criteria.

“The project selection criteria are specific to the crisis period we are going through and are presented in the annex to the emergency ordinance. The publication of the guide in consultation will take place on 22.06.2022. The consultation period on the guide will be between June 22 and July 4, 2022. The launch of the call on August 16, 2022 and the signing of financing contracts between September 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 “, said Boloş .

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