Stoltenberg responds to Pope Francis, who says war in Ukraine "may have been provoked"

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday that “NATO is a defensive alliance, and the war in Ukraine is President Putin’s war.” Stoltenberg was asked at a news conference about the statement of Pope Francis, who said that the war in Ukraine “may have been provoked in a way.”

“NATO is a defensive alliance, and the war in Ukraine is President Putin’s war. What NATO has been doing for many years is to support an independent sovereign nation in Europe. This is not a threat to anyone. This is not a challenge. And we will continue to do so. President Putin and Moscow are responsible for this brutal aggression against Ukraine, “said NATO Secretary General.

Pope Francis said a few days ago that the war in Ukraine following the invasion of Russia “may have been somehow provoked or not prevented.”

Referring to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and how it can contribute to peace, Francis said that “we must move away from the usual pattern that Little Red Riding Hood was good and the wolf was bad. It is shaping something global, with very interconnected elements “.

He quoted the head of state as meeting with him before the start of the war, saying he was “concerned about the way NATO is moving”.

“Two months before the conflict, a head of state told me that the Atlantic Alliance was in danger of unleashing what had happened,” the pope was quoted as saying by La Stampa.

I asked him why, and he replied, “They are barking at the gates of Russia. And they do not understand that the Russians are imperial and do not allow any foreign power to approach them “and concluded by saying that” the situation could lead to war. This head of state knew how to read the signs of what was happening, “said Francis.

In the pope’s view, the danger is to focus only on “the brutality and ferocity with which this war is waged by troops, usually mercenaries, used by the Russians, who prefer to send Chechens, Syrians and mercenaries” and that “this is monstrous.” . But, he added, “without seeing all the drama behind this war, which may have been somehow provoked or not hindered. And I notice an interest in testing and selling weapons. It’s very sad, but in the end, that’s the point. “

The pontiff said some believe he was in favor of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “There are not. It is simplistic and wrong to say such a thing. But I am simply against reducing the complexity to the distinction between good and evil, without thinking about the roots and interests, which are very complex, “the pope added.

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