Registration for Rabla Electrocasnice is starting.  The budget of the program increases, which means more beneficiaries

Tomorrow is the start of a new registration session for the Rabla program for Home Appliances. Those who want to change their fridge, washing machine or even laptopitcan receive from the state through this program tickets worth 300 or even 500 lei.

Pthe program also comes with a change this year. More exactly, rumyears will no longer receive vouchers for new TVs. And the budget has been increasedthis year with 25 million lei, reaching a sum of 100 million lei.

Tanczos Barna, Minister of the Environment: The registration session for the new phase of the Scrap Appliances program is really starting tomorrow.

We expect greater demand from citizens, we have kept the same values ​​for tickets, but we have increased the budget to be able to support more citizens to change their electricity-consuming installations.

It is also an important program in terms of electricity bills, because each reduction in consumption will help households to have a lower bill.

We removed the TVs, I wouldn’t want to turn this program into a TV change program.

Everything you need to know about accessing the program

Those who want to receive vouchers from the state to buy household appliances, must first create a user account on the website

First enrollment session it will be between June 17th and 23rd, after which the booking of vouchers will start on June 24th. In the first stage, the tickets for the washing machines will be taken, after which the booking of the vouchers for laptops will start in July.

This year, the value tickets it is the same as last year, even if the budget was increased by 25 million lei. Thus, for washing machines, vouchers of 400 lei will be granted, as well as for refrigerators and air conditioners. The biggest tickets will be given for laptops, ie 500 lei and only 300 lei for tablets.

But this year also comes with small changes to the program. Specifically, those who do not use the reserved vouchers will not be able to use them in other stages. Moreover, people will have time to buy an appliance in 7 days with the state ticket. Another change is that the TVs were taken out of the program this year.

Data required to create user account:

Name and surname
City and county
Personal Numeric Code (CNP)
Valid email address and phone number
source: Administrativethe Environment Fund

Scrap for Home Appliances 2022 – calendar of the first session

June 17 – June 23 – the stage of registering the population in the program / creating accounts.
andJune – June 30booking VOUCHERStheir for washing machinesmawashing rails dishes and refrigerators.
July 1 – July 7 – booking vouchers for laptops and tablets.
July 8 – July 14
booking of vouchers for air conditioners and vacuum cleaners.
source: Administration of the Environment Fund

Scrap for Home Appliances 2022 | The value of the vouchers

Washing machines – 400 lei
Dishwashers – 400 lei
Air conditioning devices – 400 lei
Refrigerators – 400 lei
Vacuum – 200 lei
notebooks – 500 lei
TABLETS – 300 lei
source: Administration of the Environment Fund

Changes in the Scrap for Home Appliances 2022 program

Unused vouchers will not be able to be used at another stage.
The validity of the voucher is reduced from 15 to 7 days.
No more TV vouchers.
source: Administration of the Environment Fund

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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