PSD proposes that state salaries higher than the president's and special pensions be overtaxed

“Given the principles of equity and social solidarity that must underpin the reform of the Romanian tax system, in PSD’s view it is necessary to differentiate the tax regime applied to taxpayers according to their income. Therefore, the new fiscal model must introduce higher taxes for those with high incomes and lower taxes for those with low incomes “, it is shown in a communiqué sent by PSD.

Thus, PSD will submit for debate within the governing Coalition several proposals for overtaxation.

It is proposed to overtax by 40% the amounts from the salary revenues from the budgetary system that exceed the salary of the President of Romania.

It is also proposed to double taxation of special pensions in two stages, respectively a tax rate of 40% for the amount exceeding the threshold of 9,000 lei (five average net pensions) and 90% for those exceeding 18,000 lei (10 average net pensions ).

Another proposal is the application of a progressive system of deductions for salaries below 4,500 lei, so that, at the level of the minimum wage, a tax of 0% is reached.

Support for Health and Education

It also proposes a contribution for Health and Education of 0.5% of the turnover paid by companies with annual revenues of over 100 million euros. The measure would be temporary, applying for a limited period of two years.

“At the same time, PSD opposes lowering the threshold for the classification of SMEs from 1 million euros to 67,000 euros in revenues, as proposed by the former government when it negotiated Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
At least in the first phase, this threshold cannot be less than EUR 500,000, so that most of these companies will continue to benefit from a favorable tax regime (1% turnover tax), which will allow them to allows economic development. Currently, about 100,000 SMEs have an annual turnover between 67,000 euros and 500,000 euros “, according to PSD.

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