Premiere in Romania!  The first road crossing in our country with GSM signal and ventilation system for extracting pollutants.  The Union Passage closes on Sunday for consolidation and security work

Start the works at the Union Passage! Starting with Sunday, June 19 this year, the road traffic in the Union Passage will be stopped, for two months, until the beginning of September, as a result of the beginning of the works for its consolidation and safety. During this interval, the traffic in the area will be reconfigured, following that the drivers, who until now crossed the area through the underground passage, will transit Unirii Square over it, respecting the new routes established by the Capital Road Brigade.

During all this time, the most extensive interventions carried out so far in the last 30 years on this construction will take place in the passage. Thus, in a first stage, all the necessary measures will be taken to secure the objective, from a technical point of view, in order to ensure the best and safest traffic conditions for the drivers. For this, all the degraded architectural elements will be replaced, which can be detached at any time and thus endanger people’s lives, the road will be rebuilt from scratch, with clear delimitation and signaling of traffic lanes, as well as the space separating the two directions and the water and sewerage networks will be changed.

At the same time, the current lighting system inside the passage will be replaced with one that will maximize visibility in the tunnel, both at its entrance and at its crossing, which will also contribute to the finishes of the walls and ceiling, which will be arranged with special materials designed to reflect light. Moreover, for the first time for this type of construction in our country, a high-performance ventilation system will be installed in the passage, with a high capacity, to extract the noxious substances and ensure a clean air. Also for the first time, following the works, in Pasajul Unirii we will no longer have problems using the phones, as GSM signal amplifiers will be installed.

Given the complexity of the intervention, all these safety works will be carried out simultaneously in both directions, and the teams will work both during the day and at night.

Built in 1986-1987, with a length of about 800 meters and a width of 14 meters, the Union Passage has received a worrying verdict since 2017, following a technical expertise that showed that one of the busiest passages underground roads in the Capital are in an advanced state of degradation.

Specifically, this construction is classified as technical condition IV – unsatisfactory, which means that it has serious deficiencies in the resistance structure, which endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Sector 4 and beyond. According to the latest traffic data, the tunnel is crossed daily by about 60,000 cars

In order to urgently remedy the security problems found, at the beginning of this year, following an association protocol with the Bucharest City Hall, the passage entered the administration of Sector 4 of the Capital, which immediately started the procedures prior to securing the entire zone.

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