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If you wear makeup every day and value individual makeup, you can buy a set of makeup brushes. A set can include a fairly large number of versatile makeup brushes, which you can use to make up according to your personal preferences. Brushes are suitable for face and eye makeup. It doesn’t matter if you use powder, cream or liquid makeup. With makeup brushes you will always look great.

Why do you need makeup brushes?

Brushes are suitable for applying and mixing makeup. They are also great for shading, to give your face a fresh and vibrant look. Because the products have thick, fluffy brushes, they feel comfortable on the skin. At the same time, they are stable enough to apply makeup evenly. Makeup brushes are made of synthetic fibers that are very durable.

The sloping brush is ideal for applying makeup to hard-to-reach areas. The flat brush is intended for applying cosmetics to the cheeks and forehead. You can mix the powder with the round brush. The best way to apply makeup to the nose area is with a tilted precision brush. There are also cosmetic aids suitable for lips and eyes. Use the eyelash and eyebrow brush to remove any sticky mascara residue before defining the shape of the eyebrows.

A set of makeup brushes is also ideal for beginners and for normal day makeup. If you need a precise and fine make-up for special occasions, you need to invest more money to buy a set of makeup brushes professional.

Before you buy a set of makeup brushes, you should know if you are going to use them every day or just occasionally. A cheap set is enough for occasional use. If you use the brushes regularly, you need a strong and durable set. It is especially important that the hairs of makeup brushes are of high quality and well processed.

The handle must be very stable and comfortable to hold, and the brush head must be easy to clean. Many sets of makeup brushes come with handy storage containers that allow you to store your brushes safely and have them handy quickly.

What types of makeup brushes are in a set?

For the face:
● foundation brush
● concealer brush
● powder brush
For blush:
● round brush
● small angle brush
● tilt brush
● conical brush
● detail brush

For lips:
● lipstick brush
● lip filling brush
For the eyes:
● eyeshadow brush
● eyebrow brush
● eyeliner brush.

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