Man immobilized and handcuffed at Otopeni airport when getting off the plane - VIDEO

A passenger became violent when he was identified by border guards at Otopeni Airport as he was getting off a plane coming from Lyon. The protagonist is a Romanian citizen and is 32 years old. He was drunk and cursed the passengers on the plane during the flight.

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At the time of his identification, he tried to snatch the identity card from the police officers, and they immobilized and handcuffed him. The recalcitrant man was then fined 4,000 lei for “unlawfully committing any act of physical or verbal violence against a person on the perimeter of an airport”, informs the Europol union.

The incident happened a few days ago, but every day the border guards face similar situations, being forced to intervene to restore order and peace in the airport area, Europol points out.

“We congratulate our colleagues for the intervention, and to those who consume alcohol and make a fuss when traveling, we convey that the sanctions are quite high and they risk losing their flight,” the unionists commented in a post on Facebook.

In turn, the Border Police came with details about the incident: it took place on Tuesday, June 14, and the crew of the airline operating the Lyon – Bucharest flight requested, through the control tower, the intervention of the border police on landing. The protagonist of the incident is Romanian and is 32 years old.

“The reason for the request was a passenger, a 32-year-old Romanian citizen, who caused a scandal on board the aircraft, insulting the crew and passengers. The man, under the influence of alcohol, was picked up from the plane, on landing, by the airport border police. As he was behaving recalcitrantly, the border guards immobilized the person in question, leading him to the Border Police area, for investigations, where the presence of the airport doctor was requested. In accordance with the legal provisions in the field (Law 21/2020 on the Air Code), the border police fined the person in question with the amount of 4,000 lei for the unlawful commission of any act of physical or verbal violence against a person in the perimeter of an airport (art. 126, letter x) corroborated art. 127 letter a) ”, shows a communiqué of the Border Police.

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