Klaus Iohannis, in Kyiv: "My country has done everything in its power to help Ukraine"

Klaus Iohannis told a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday, along with Volodymyr Zelensky, Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi and Olaf Scholtz, that Romania had done “everything in its power” to help Ukraine, and promised that this will continue.

“Romania, as a neighbor and reliable partner, but also as a member state of the European Union and a NATO ally with the longest border with Ukraine, is fully in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We mourn the loss of life, the open wounds of all Ukrainians who have seen their homes, schools, hospitals and even history brutally attacked.
I was deeply moved by the unimaginable human tragedy and the terrible destruction we saw today near Kiev. I strongly reiterate my call for all Russian perpetrators of crimes to be held accountable by the international criminal justice system, which Romania fully supports.
In today’s meeting with President Zelensky, we discussed concrete ways to further support Ukraine in overcoming this existential threat. We will continue to identify comprehensive solutions and measures to help Ukraine resist and reject the Russian threat.
Romania’s support for Ukraine has focused on multiple levels, right from the first days of the aggression. My country has done everything in its power to help Ukraine and all those affected by Russian aggression. The Romanian government and citizens have united more than ever to help the more than 1.23 million Ukrainians who have crossed our borders, especially women and children.
We have put in place mechanisms to meet the needs of further education and integration into the labor market – more than 2,500 Ukrainian children have enrolled in Romanian schools, while almost 3,000 Ukrainian citizens have found jobs in my country.
Beyond government measures, we have also witnessed an impressive mobilization of civil society in support of Ukraine and Ukrainians. There is no doubt that the Ukrainians who need help can rely on the Romanian people and government for as long as they need it.

Also, an international hub for the distribution of humanitarian assistance operates in Suceava and operates at maximum capacity and speed – over 40 international transport missions have been managed through this hub “, said the President of Romania.

“We must look to the future and begin preparations for the reconstruction of Ukraine”

“We are now at the point where Russia has added another blackmail tool to its actions – grain. I strongly condemn the use of grain exports by Russia as a weapon, with such a major global impact. Today we discussed this issue and the possible solutions to overcome this situation.

As a relevant part of the solution to the food insecurity situation generated by Russia, Romania actively participates in efforts to facilitate the transit of grain exports from Ukraine and acts as a regional hub for Ukrainian grain.
Our responsible authorities are working to find the best solutions to facilitate transit through the Port of Constanța on the Black Sea and through the Danube ports.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the Port of Constanța has ensured the transit of over one million tons of grain from Ukraine. We are also working for the opening of new border crossings with Ukraine, as well as for the rehabilitation of wide gauge railway lines in Romania.

In addition, Romania calls for the involvement of all relevant actors, for the agreement of a “coalition of states” to support the international effort to create “blue corridors” for safe, maritime transport through the Black Sea.
As we discussed today, we must look to the future and begin preparations for the reconstruction of Ukraine. We all agreed that the European Union has an important role to play in this effort and we need to create effective tools for this.

We are at a turning point in the history of Europe.

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary, strategic and visionary answers. Granting a candidate for EU membership in Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia at next week’s European Council is essential in building a strong and lasting shield around our common values.

This decision speaks volumes for our ability to project security and stability in our neighborhood.

We have no time for hesitation. Our partners need to give them more long-term support, help them build resilience and cope with a wide range of simultaneous challenges, whether conventional or hybrid.

Mr Zelenski, dear friends, we are here together because we know it is our duty to act. It is our responsibility to maintain this momentum and to help our Ukrainian friends build a new future, “Klaus Iohannis told President Zelensky.

Publisher: AVD

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