Klaus Iohannis arrives in Kyiv on Thursday, along with Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and Mario Draghi

President Klaus Iohhannis arrives in Kyiv today on a joint visit with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

The head of state will be in the Ukrainian capital after 11.00, according to digi24.ro sources.

Information about Iohannis’ visit to Kyiv was published earlier this week by Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleksi Goncearenko on Twitter, but has not yet been confirmed by Romanian authorities for security reasons.

Scholz, Macron and Draghi, who are traveling together in Ukraine, posted a photo of the train to Kyiv.

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The visit comes a day before the EU executive makes a recommendation on the status of Ukraine’s EU bid, a prospect from which the three countries have been detained, Agerpres reports. Instead, Romania spoke in favor of the accession to the EU of both Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

In Romania on Wednesday, Macron said it was time for Europe to reassure Ukraine of its European ambitions.

We are at a time when we Europeans need to send clear political signals to Ukraine and its people, when they are heroically resisting, “said the French president, without giving details.

In fact, during his visit to Romania, Macron discussed with Iohannis about the situation in Ukraine.

We presented the measures taken by Romania for Ukrainian refugees coming to Romania, as well as the support we provide to Ukraine, including through the hub in Suceava, which France also used “intensively”, said Iohannis.

Another topic of common priority interest for Romania and France, which we addressed in the discussions, was to ensure global food security, which is deeply affected by Russia’s abusive blockade of Ukrainian ports, which prevents its grain to reach many states in various parts of the world.

Romania is making sustained, multidimensional efforts to support Ukraine by offering routes for grain exports, including through the Black Sea Port of Constanta and through the Romanian ports on the Danube. Our authorities are looking for integrated solutions to make this transit as efficient as possible, including with the support of our external partners. We have thus established, together with the President, that we will cooperate closely to achieve this goal “, he continued.

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