Dacian Ciolos: Progressive integration in the EU, a possible solution for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova

Dacian Ciolos believes that the end of the war in Ukraine can only be achieved through peace negotiations.

“Personally, I think Russia is already humiliated by the way hostilities have gone in Ukraine, because now we have a few months since we have a war, practically, on the territory of Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia, Russia which is considered a great military power in this region and which continues to lose soldiers, even lose army leaders and fails to advance as intended. So Russia is already humiliated, but let’s not forget that the Ukrainians are the ones who are losing, in the same way, a lot, beyond the mass migration, the mass movements of the population, the refugees, who continue to leave, there are massive material destructions, losses of human lives. (…). The end of the war can only be done through peace negotiations and from this perspective it is obviously necessary
politicians who should also think about peace solutions, but at the same time, Ukraine must not be abandoned, it must continue to be supported, because it is fighting for the survival of its own people, “Dacian Ciolos told RFI.

Asked if he supports the idea put forward by Emmanuel Macron regarding the establishment of an EU antechamber for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, the MEP pleaded for a progressive accession of these countries.

“I have had discussions with Emmanuel Macron and other heads of state and government in recent months on this issue, with the president of the EC we have discussions in the EP, to find solutions. The problem with the EU, beyond the personal opinion of one leader or another, is that many people realize that as long as we remain on the decision-making system in which all Member States must agree on a particular decision, it can be taken. and we are not moving to the majority system, it is difficult for the European Union to move forward and show clarity and efficiency in decisions (…). I believe that solutions can be found for the accession negotiations to begin with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, and instead of this parallel structure proposed by the President of France to the EU, to have a process of progressive integration into the EU, ie Candidate countries negotiating EU accession should not wait to be granted EU Member State status until the Treaty is signed, so that we can integrate these candidate countries as they complete negotiations on a negotiating chapter, for example, in the Common Agricultural Policy, then in the Cohesion Policy, in the Erasmus Program, to accept the free movement of labor and for these countries to see the benefits of EU accession even before the signing of the accession treaty and the granting of full EU membership ”.

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