COMMENTARY Marius Oprea / Romania, the country with a French president for one day

It is not at all customary to visit a country without the host being at home. But we live in strange times, in which customs and rules are made as if to be violated. The President of the Senate, Florin Cîţu, the one who should have been – constitutionally – to take the place of the President-in-Office, who was “on a mission” to NATO when the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, landed on Romanian soil. was absent. I haven’t seen him anywhere. In fact, Citu has a “low profile”, especially in terms of foreign policy – he burned with the United States, fried with Ukraine and did not intend to fight with France. Iohannis would not have swallowed such impudence if he had met Macron at the airport. Although it was perfectly normal and constitutional to do so, the gesture would have clearly cost him the Senate leadership.

Instead, the anomaly was preferred for a French president to be greeted on Romanian soil not by his counterpart, or even “deputy”, but by Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca. From where it can be seen that the general is already on the big track for the presidency. What else does a poor Constitution matter? Not even appearances are saved: it’s done right. That these are national security laws, which will be “checked” at Victoria Palace exactly as they come from the “working group” in Cotroceni (although the presidency has no reason to interfere in the legislative process), or that I was in a position to have, for one evening and one night, a French president on Romanian soil and no Romanian counterpart, what else matters? Get well. Mr. President, in the picture. It’s harder for us to get out of the crisis.

Speaking of Cîţu, the latest public news about him was again a criticism of the government, which does not come up with solutions, although a major crisis awaits us. I never thought I’d be right. In his last public appearance, on June 7, the President of the Senate maliciously remarked that no loan money can be found, for a budget riddled with measures that do not solve the crisis, but go to effect, through populist measures, back and forth: “It is clear that no one trusts to finance the PSD and then it is very complicated to go further,” Citu told the Senate.

We are not able to take advantage of the fact that Romania could be the transit gateway for Ukrainian wheat to Europe. The customs officers are vigilant and the installations in the port of Constanţa are rusty. So what our president said is that “we are now at the point where Russia has added another tool of blackmail to its actions – cereals. I strongly condemn the use of grain exports by Russia as a weapon, with such a major global impact “, has only an inventory benefit. And that Iohannis informs us that “we discussed today on this subject and on the possible solutions for overcoming this situation”, remains only a discussion. Our president can’t do anything in front of the Romanian customs officer, who puts his cap on the back of his head, to see how many more kilometers the queue of trucks has increased. However, Klauss Iohannis stated on fire that Romania had ensured “the transit of over one million tons of grain from Ukraine through the port of Constanta”. Better not say it: that means 15, maximum 20 ships, depending on the tonnage.

Otherwise, all is well. After meeting Zelenski and visiting Irpin, the shabby town on the Russian front, Klaus Iohannis came out, I think, for the first time out of his Olympic calm. I’m sure he was marked by what he saw. “We mourn the loss of life, the open wounds of all Ukrainians who have seen their homes, schools, hospitals and even history brutally attacked,” he said at the beginning of his speech. But the impact was not big enough, and the president was not marked enough to come out of the wooden tongue. ”Russia’s premeditated, unjustified, unprovoked and illegal aggression must stop! ” they sound like Ceausescu’s calls for disarmament and have the same relevance. Like Iohannis’ call, like everyone Russian perpetrators of crimes to be held accountable by the international criminal justice system, which Romania fully supports “, which has certainly not been noted by any international news agency. The situation would have been completely different if it had been announced that Romania was giving something, for example, from our stockpiles of missiles. Of the KUB-type ground-to-air ones, for example, which I had to deal with in 1995-1996, when I sold them to Iran, which was under embargo. They will still be through deposits, because that contract was not honored until the end: the Iliescu regime lost the elections.

After all, what happened was going to happen today: Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia will receive candidate status in the European Union. It is almost official and is the second tangible result of the war, after the solidarity of Europe and NATO in counteracting Soviet expansion. I wrote with the speed of the pen like this, using a historical cliché, but I realize that the term is more comprehensive. Otherwise, we don’t know how to handle it. The war crisis is not, of course, the same as life under bombs. But when prices explode like rockets every day, life in peacetime is no longer rosy, especially when there is no way out. When the Constitution is also a useless book, and under the pressure of war, instead of bread and fuel, we are given security. Not the one for tomorrow, but the one with a big S.

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