Ciolacu, about the solidarity tax: “We have divergent opinions.  Exceptions to the tax code amount to 64 billion.  A little bit more ”

PSD President Marcel Ciolacu said on Thursday that the coalition leaders have not yet agreed on the changes to the fiscal code, with the decisions to be taken next week and the government to issue an ordinance by July 1. Regarding the tax on education and health, through which the Social Democrats would like to tax large companies, Ciolacu said that in the coalition “we have divergent opinions”. The PSD leader says that in terms of deductions, the measures must be in the amount of 3 billion lei.

“Last night we had a coalition meeting as we have every week, it was a technical and applied meeting with several guests from the central administration, to make the agenda for next week’s decisions. (…) Definitely, the order will be issued by July 1. The Minister of Finance, the head of ANAF have discussions with the social partners, then to make decisions. Let there be discussions, not decisions made in certain offices. We find out the realities, what allows us, where we attract resources, then we have discussions with the social partners, and then we make decisions “, said the PSD leader.

Asked about the deductions that the government is preparing, there are several options under discussion, including zero tax for the minimum wage, or tax deductions for those with salaries below 6,000 lei, including deductions for after school or private pensions, Marcel Ciolacu said that all these measures must amount to 3 billion lei.

“The opinion of the specialists is to put these ceilings because you start from the amount you start from, which you can allocate for these deductions. It was agreed to allocate the amount of 3 billion lei and depending on this amount, ANAF will perform certain simulations. We are talking about income tax deductions, “he said.

The PSD leader says that no consensus has been reached in the coalition regarding solidarity taxes for large companies. PSD demanded a tax of between 0.5 and 1% of turnover for companies with a turnover of more than 100 million euros, money to be directed to education and health.

“We still have these discussions, we have divergent opinions, but it is normal, it is important when we make decisions that are correct, efficient for society,” says Ciolacu.

The PSD leader also says that the Executive must intervene in the issue of higher fuel prices.

“We got rid of the gas and energy prices and our need is to warm up during the winter and we woke up with some abnormal fuel prices considering that the barrel has not become more expensive and we will have to intervene in this segment. From my point of view, the Competition Council did not do its job “, says Ciolacu.

At the same time, Ciolacu says that the exceptions from the Fiscal Code must be gradually eliminated, this being signaled by the European Commission and international bodies.

“The exceptions in the tax code at the moment amount to 64 billion. There are a few. Any decision we make will certainly not bother the system and the social partners “, says Ciolacu.

Gambling fees and local tax increases

“It is possible to take such a measure because I believe that the Romanian state has a duty not to encourage gambling, especially in such times of crisis,” said the PSD leader, when asked about raising gambling fees.

The PSD leader also referred to the increase in local taxes.

“Building tax, depending on value. It’s common sense. But mayors also have a margin, they decide. The moment I go to a notary and sell a property and there is a notarized grid of value, that value should be taken for tax. Don’t ask me for an apartment in Primaverii that makes one million euros to pay the same tax as an apartment in Buzau that makes 80,000 euros, because I will not agree “, the PSD leader also declared in a press conference at the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party.

Editor: Robert Kiss

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