Traffic Code scandal.  Coalition leaders have decided to postpone the vote until the fall.  Ciolacu: We have the most deaths in Europe

Coalition leaders decided on Wednesday that the vote on amending the Road Code should be postponed until the fall, when a new parliamentary session will begin. PSD President Marcel Ciolacu told that he requested an analysis of the amendments brought by PSD and PNL to the emergency ordinance amending the current Code by softening the penalties for aggressive drivers.

“I have decided to look into all the amendments and the ordinance. We have the most deaths in Europe “, Marcel Ciolacu explained for” I want to see what the legislation is like in Europe “, the PSD president also said.

The issue of the traffic code returned to attention on Wednesday when the former Minister of Transport Cătălin Drulă and the Minister of Interior Lucian Bode had an exchange of remarks on the halls of the Parliament. Drula, the USR leader, blamed Bode for the changes to the Traffic Code that would favor undisciplined drivers. The changes were proposed by the Government.

Funny: I stopped them from destroying the Highway Code

USR says that the parties from the PSD-PNL-UDMR coalition did not vote for the “harmful” amendments to the Road Code.

Cătălin Drulă: “I stopped them from destroying the Road Code. For now. The PSD-PNL-UDMR coalition is exactly the one that vigorously proposed the amendments that slaughter the Road Code. After proposing them, he voted them in 4 parliamentary committees, unanimously. Completely deaf to any common sense arguments in defense of road safety.

After putting the lamp in their eyes, we USR decided to give it back. It is the victory of #opoziepebune. The victory of civil society and the press, which put pressure on the coalition of tricksters behind the wheel. “

More relaxed penalties for speeding and aggressive drivers

A few months after the emergency ordinance approved in January by the Government, which tightened the penalties for speeding and aggressive drivers, the deputies from the Transport Commission relaxed several sanctions. The deputies from PSD, PNL and UDMR voted en bloc for the elimination of the article that defined the aggressive behavior behind the wheel, and the driver was sanctioned with the suspension of the license for 30 days.

Also, speeding drivers caught on the radar driving at more than 70 km / h above the maximum speed limit receive proof of the right to drive, after their license is suspended. Currently, the proof is without the right to get behind the wheel.

Interior Minister Lucian Bode told Digi24 last month that it was a “communication problem” and would “correct” it.

Romania ranks last in the European Union in road safety rankings, and the number of speeding drivers will increase if these measures are adopted, say experts in defensive driving.

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