Study: The level of customer satisfaction in Romania is at alarmingly low levels

According to VBS Business Solutions’ Customer Care Specialists and marketers and market research experts, there is a tendency for customers to place more and more emphasis on the customer experience. This element overshadows the price and sometimes even the product or service itself. “In 2022 we are no longer talking about B2B and B2C, we are talking about a human-to-human relationship, H2H. The global trend, after the pandemic period, is one more and more focused on the experience received by the client, empathic communication, personalized services, anticipation of needs and especially on humanity. Now, more than ever, it is vital to know the perception and satisfaction of customers, how employees feel in these times, how the market is changing, but also how to organize our business, how we can make a loyalty strategy in a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous ”, says Cosmina Voichiţa Meseşan, consultant in customer relationship management at VBS Business Solutions.

Studies conducted in recent years by the “Customer Care Association” and specialists from VBS Business Solutions show that the customer experience model remains a beautiful dream in Romania. Mystery Shopping services offer an audit, an objective “ultrasound” of the quality of the services offered, even through the eyes of regular customers.

Thus, only 18% of clinic representatives trust patients. “The latest study published in early 2022 shows that only 18% of Romanian clinic representatives provided confidence and sufficient information to determine the potential patient to make an appointment, and more than half of them did not even know about the existence of these services – post-covid evaluation packages – although they were promoted on the clinic’s website. On the other hand, according to another study, 94.6% of patients consider vital the way in which the medical staff communicates with the patient “, underlines Cosmina Voichiţa Meseşan, consultant in customer relationship management within VBS Business Solutions.

Establishing an empathic connection and understanding the health of each patient plays a major role in keeping customers satisfied and loyal. This aspect is understood and put into practice only by 1 in 3 pharmacists. Saying a simple word like “Health!” it is not just a proof of professionalism on the part of pharmacy staff, but a basic requirement of human interaction.

Although the summer season has begun and hoteliers boast top services, a study conducted by Mystery Calling, conducted at accommodation units on the Romanian coast, shows that only in 40% of cases analyzed, the potential customer received a concrete offer according to wishes its. The sales skills of the staff in the reservation department are at a minimum: only one hotel out of 15 mentioned the premium services offered in relation to the competition.

4 out of 5 customers say they are dissatisfied with the services offered at the gas stations in the Capital, more precisely with the attention offered to the buyers, the existing advice and facilities. The overall percentage obtained from this study conducted by Mystery Shopping is 67% and is below the allowable limit for a sector with high standards.

In terms of sales skills, of the large companies in the telecom market, the study shows that about 45% of consultants did not ask enough questions to identify needs and only 1 in 8 mentioned to the customer that he is expected to return to conclude a contract. voice and data. In the context of the fierce battle to win a new customer, there is a need for excellent “customer service”, ie a continuous program of monitoring and improving the quality of services provided.

90% of online store operators did not provide details about the recommended product warranty policy, but gave evasive answers when Mystery Shopping agent inquired about the return procedure adopted by the company. In one case, the operator asked rudely, “If you want to return the product, why do you buy it?”, The employee forgetting that this is one of the rights that the customer has.

The degree of customer satisfaction is differentiated when it comes to the area of ​​fresh products, located in the analyzed hypermarkets. Even within the same chain, percentages between 23 and 92% can be observed, which denote more the personal involvement or non-involvement of each employee, than the existence of a training or a unitary procedure on the relationship with the client that works efficiently.

The results show that only a third of shoe store employees have managed to offer more alternatives to customers to make their choice easier or to whet their appetite for other products, and overall their sales skills measure an extremely low level, of only 37%. In the current economic context, traders have a vital need for continuous cash flow, and this is upsetting and sounding the alarm.

And in terms of the ability of banking staff to determine the customer’s needs and advise them on a product tailored to their needs, the situation is quite alarming. While only 37% of the banks surveyed were interested in offering a personalized simulation to the customer, almost a third of them did not consider it worthwhile to list the repayment schedule, or should mention to the customer that this simulation has a informative and that it may fluctuate depending on the amounts entered on the supporting documents.

The lack of openness, empathy or diplomacy in communication was sporadically encountered in the parent’s interaction with after-schools in the exclusive areas of the Capital. Specifically in two of the interactions, the parent was told dryly: “even if they don’t like something, they have to adapt, because they all eat the same food and have nowhere to go”, “the law does not oblige me to have medical staff for a small number children ”or“ I don’t know what you’re looking for, but we don’t ”. Moreover, at one of the analyzed units, the potential client was simply forbidden to tour the center, as this can only be done during the trial period.

Although most of the waiters were prompt in taking orders, and the tone of the discussion was generally respectful and fickle, 2 of the 3 waiters did not provide additional information on the dishes ordered without an express request from the customer. Regarding the openness to active listening, only in one restaurant out of the 12 analyzed, the waiter was interested in a real feedback from the customer.

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