(P) Great anniversary offer at LINK ACADEMY: Up to 30% discount + a BONUS package for free lifelong schooling

Usually, on birthdays, the celebrants receive gifts, but on her birthday, LINK Academy organizes a different kind of celebration. On the anniversary week, LINK Academy offers a discount of up to 30% of the tuition feeand all those who register by June 17 also receive a bonus package that allows you, after completing the one-year program, to continue with the training for free whenever needed.

The number of those enrolled in anniversary conditions is limited, so hurry up and book your place on time. More information about You can find out how to get the gift from LINK Academy at this link.

The fastest way to get a well-paid job in the IT sector

LINK Academy training is for all those who want to succeed and gain practical knowledge and skills that will ensure a very profitable career in IT. LINK Academy students can choose one of six departments and, in just 12 months, regardless of their level of knowledge, become experts in areas such as programming, network management, design, IT business, 3D and CAD design or mobile application development.

The LINK Academy program is licensed by the Department of International Examinations at the prestigious Cambridge University, and after schooling, students gain certificates that ensure they are employed in some of the highest paid positions today – Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Oracle, India, Cisco, Unity, ISTQB these are just some of them.

Depending on the wishes and possibilities of the students, the courses are carried out in two ways: traditional – classroom study, and online – distance learning, so training for an IT job is also available to those who, due to obligations, do not have time and they cannot attend the course regularly.

Former LINK Academy students already have the most promising jobs and high and secure salaries. You can be the same in just 12 months, and all you have to do is be yourself enroll for LINK Academy.

Schooling as no other institution offers

What makes LINK Academy schooling unique are the many educational services that help you achieve a successful career. Thus, the work experience needed to quickly find a job is gained during schooling through free programs such as IT Practice Center.

In addition, at LINK Academy you have the opportunity to improve your English and German language skills completely free of charge, which allows you to work anywhere globally and collaborate more easily with clients abroad.

After successfully completing a one-year schooling, LINK Academy students also have the opportunity to do internships or even engage in some of the most prestigious IT companies on the market, because, through the Center for Career Development (CCD ), LINK Academy collaborates in various ways with over 300 successful regional companies. Thus, these are just some of the additional benefits obtained completely free of charge with tuition at LINK Academy.

Take your gift for a secure future

We remind you – the LINK Academy anniversary offer only runs until June 17th. If you want to earn the most paid jobs in IT next year, now is the right time to take the first step. Take advantage of the fantastic discount of up to 30% of the tuition fee and become a top IT expert in the best conditions. Moreover, the BONUS package obtained within this offer will ensure you the most modern education for life!

Anniversary seats are limited, so don’t wait – sign up now and secure a successful future.

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