(P) Change the face of your house with the right carpet, room by room

Once the furniture of a house has been identified, it is essential to think about all those accessories that will give character and personality to the different rooms. Therefore, choosing the right carpet for the different rooms in your home is a step that requires proper attention and for which it is essential to think about various aspects, such as size, proportions, function and aesthetics. The same is true if the carpet is a way to renovate a room: this is certainly a good idea, but the carpet must be chosen very carefully.

How to choose living rugs

Before choosing living rugs, it is good to think about the size and proportions of the room itself. Today, in fact, spaces are getting smaller and smaller, and living carpets of the wrong size could further reduce the amount of space available. On the contrary, those who have large and airy spaces should be careful not to choose too small living room rug models, otherwise they risk making the space look smaller.

An important rule, which is too often forgotten, refers to the ratio between the living carpet and the sofa: the first must always be higher than the second, exceeding it by about 20 or 30 cm on each side. In this way, the final effect will be harmonious and clean. Even if it is customary to place the carpet in front of the sofa, it would be better to place it under the sofa.

Carpets, like furniture, can be a real treat for the homeowner. Such as, for example, the long-threaded carpet: a Scandinavian-inspired atmosphere that retains its style and personality even over the years. Walking on it barefoot will be a pleasure.

When choosing living rugs it is important not to forget about the color problem. The most undecided can opt for a neutral color, which easily matches anything but a few notes of color and character.

How to choose bedroom rugs for a child

Carpets designed for children combine the ability to protect the floors with play activity. When it comes to choice, in this case, the only thing you need to consider is the safety of the little ones: the thickness, materials and dimensions must be evaluated and designed to best meet the needs of the children living in that room.

The second thing to consider is fantasy.

Choose children’s bedroom rugs according to the mood of the room or the tastes of the children: the rug will allow you to avoid direct contact with the floor itself and at the same time give children a soft surface that will protect them from falling. and the like.

How to choose kitchen rugs

Each room deserves its own rug, including the kitchen. Utility: this is the key word for this room rug. Here, you need to think not only about aesthetics, but also about functionality.

In addition to delimiting the kitchen space, especially in open spaces, the carpet can be a valuable element in increasing safety and limiting accidents in the home. When choosing, pay special attention to the material, which must be easy to clean and durable, as well as fireproof.

The kitchen is the ideal place for a bamboo mat: the non-slip bottom combined with the water repellent capabilities are the main features of this element.

How to choose bath mats

The bath mat is such an essential element that it is one of the first purchases of those who change their home or renovate it. Among the main features to consider are definitely the material: microfibers, acrylic and rayon are among the main options for the bathroom. Here, water and moisture play an important role, and synthetic materials are the ones that best meet these requirements.

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