Minister of Energy, after the start of gas extraction in the Black Sea: We will have an extra billion cubic meters per year

The Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, states that our country will benefit from one billion cubic meters of gas per additional year, after the start of the extraction of deposits from the Black Sea. The first gases from the Black Sea entered the national transport system on Wednesday, respectively the gases from the Midia perimeter, the Ana field, exploited by Black Sea Oil & Gas.

“It’s official! The first gases from the Black Sea have entered the national transport system today! These are the gases from the Midia perimeter, the Ana field, exploited by Black Sea Oil & Gas. We will have an additional amount of about one billion cubic meters annually. Our country has taken another step towards becoming energy independent “, wrote Virgil Popescu on Facebook on Wednesday.

Black Sea Oil & Gas SA (BSOG), together with its concession partners, Petro Ventures Resources and Gas Plus Dacia, started on Wednesday afternoon the production of gas from the Midia Natural Gas Development Project (MGD), being introduced in the National System of Transport the first gases extracted from the shallow offshore perimeters Ana and Doina.

According to a BSOG statement, an estimated 0.5 billion cubic meters of gas production this year. The production on the plateau will be about 1 billion cubic meters / year for the next three years of the ten years of life estimated for the Ana and Doina deposits.

The MGD project is the first new natural gas development project in the Romanian continental shelf of the Black Sea in the last 30 years and the only project in development currently underway. It consists of five production wells (one submarine well at the Doina field and four production wells at the Ana field), a production platform monitored and operated from the shore, located on the Ana field and a 126 km submarine pipeline that provides gas transport to the new gas treatment plant in Corbu commune, Constanţa county. The treated gases are delivered in the NTS to the gas measuring station inside the TSG.

The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) announced on Wednesday that it has granted the license for Black Sea Oil & Gas, Gaz Plus Dacia and Petro Ventures Resources to carry out the operation of the upstream supply pipelines related to the natural gas production activity for the perimeters. Pelican and Black Sea mussel.

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