Internet Explorer is officially shutting down today

Microsoft announced that it was shutting down Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022, almost 27 years after the launch of the browser in August 1995.

From June 15, the application will be disabled and users will be redirected to Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer has been the main gateway to the Internet for many years, at a time when Microsoft dominated the world of technology, before Google, Facebook and TikTok, and when the browser had to be installed on computers with a CD-ROM, reports The Guardian .

Internet Explorer has been on a downward slope in recent years. Its market share fell below 50% in 2010, and a year ago it was almost 5%.

In its announcement last year, Microsoft said the Internet Explorer browser is slow, outdated or compatible with new technologies, and less secure than other modern browsers.

However, IE managed to survive for almost 27 years, and Microsoft continued to ship it with the Windows operating system to ensure that the programs for the companies work properly. Meanwhile, five years ago, the company launched a new browser – Edge.

Internet Explorer, launched in 1995

Internet Explorer was launched in 1995, the browser came with Windows 95, and was a great success, quickly surpassing Netscape Navigator. In 2002, IE was the browser used by 95% of Internet users. However, Microsoft did not develop it properly, and Internet Explorer 6 received little attention from the company for the next five years. In the meantime, Internet users have migrated to more modern browsers, and Internet Explorer has become known for its slow speed, security issues, and outdated technology. The company launched the next version in 2007, but a large number of users had already abandoned it.

Microsoft has also attempted to relaunch Internet Explorer in 2011.

The American company acknowledged 2 years ago that Internet Explorer is not ideal for accessing the Internet. “Customers have used IE 11 since 2013, when the online environment was much less sophisticated than today’s landscape.”Microsoft announced in August 2020. “Since then, modern standards and newer browsers have allowed for a better experience.”

However, Internet Explorer continued to be delivered to Windows users in parallel with the company’s new browser.

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